Kitchen Renovation NYC

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

Ideas for Renovating Your Apartment Kitchen

August 10, 2011

Just because your New York apartment or Manhattan condo kitchen is small doesn’t mean you are limited to a few, restrictive renovating ideas. Effectively utilizing small space dimensions is the key taking advantage of any improvement concept you wish to explore. By using color, shape and size, and placing objects at certain angles in certain areas, you can turn your too-cozy kitchen into a splashy, roomy cooking and dining area.

Here are some quick ideas for apartment kitchen renovating:

Removing drop ceilings for additional vertical space allowing for floor to ceiling shelving
Attach shelves in between cabinet bottoms and counters to relieve counter clutter such as coffee makers and can openers
Do you really need that space-hogging refrigerator? Think about purchasing an under counter fridge for extra space
White or light colors on walls and ceilings make rooms appear larger.
Maximize counter space by hanging wire or macramé baskets–place items in these baskets that you would normally leave on countertops or tables
Think about replacing lower cabinets with pull-out drawers and shelves. You will be more organized and items will be easier to access
Natural lighting creates a sense of openness–install windows or enlarge existing windows
Opt for minimalist designs, such as transparent kitchen chairs or mirrored backsplash
Integrating a range-top into your counter would give an extra several feet of space
Glass cabinet doors add a sense of space to your kitchen, albeit illusory

Under Your Feet
Whatever material you choose to use for your new floor, always select light colors and avoid patterns that could distort a small area into something that appears even smaller and more cramped. A cheaper way to correct dark floors in apartment kitchens is to simply buy a thin-napped, room-area rug and trim it to fit your kitchen. Self-adhesive tiling is also a quick fix as well.

Open Up
Depending on the layout of your apartment, you might think about “opening” your kitchen to the rest of the apartment, towards the dining area or living room. This will probably entail removing a section of wall or other obstruction but doing this might be cheaper or less of a hassle than you think. Call several contractors and ask them whether this would be feasible, along with a price estimate.

Lights… but No Camera
Instead of using overhead lights, think about installing under-cabinet illumination. Because of the way the light is thrown and bounced off the countertops, this type of lighting makes apartment kitchens seem larger. Instead of hanging lights taking up space, you can use this area to hang those baskets which are meant to keep your counter free of clutter.

Stainless Steel Shine
Clean and shiny stainless steel makes a great reflector when used in your New York apartment kitchen. Reflections can enlarge any space, giving you that sense of infinity because reflections blur the edges of dimensions. Renovate with a stainless steel sink and faucets and hang stainless steel pots and pans from decorative hooks attached to your new “non-drop” ceiling. Sections of your kitchen will reflect off the cookware, while your sink reflects what is place around it.

In addition, experiment with shadows and light when renovating your kitchen, and always be on the lookout for the way something is placed which causes that desired illusion of depth and space.