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NYC Contemporary Kitchens

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 4minutes

Ten Ways to Artfully Design a Contemporary Kitchen

June 29, 2011

Kitchens are not just rooms where food is cooked and eaten. They are also intimate havens where deep discussions take place, where the dog can find his food, where you can stumble in at three o’clock in the morning and snack on the last of the leftovers without being discovered.

Tip #1: Countertops
What is the first thing you notice when walking into a kitchen? Countertops are like magnets which it comes to attracting out attention, serving as the basis of a first impression concerning a kitchen’s appearance. This is especially true in New York where kitchens are humbly small. A polished, attractive countertop adds elegance and space to an otherwise cramped kitchen.

Tip #2: Uncluttering the Clutter
You can give your kitchen the illusion of depth and spaciousness when living in a space-conscious apartment by removing items from countertops which you do not use on an everyday. Put your appliances away into cupboards so you can clean that countertop and make your kitchen shine. Engaging in organization as a way of redecorating epitomizes modernity.

Tip #3: Faucet Finesse
While a sink is just a sink, faucets come in different shapes and styles, from antique to traditional to unique. Gooseneck faucets which rise up and curve downward (like a goose neck, of course) are elegant yet functional in that they allow the person washing the dishes to clean large pots without bumping and scraping against the sink. In addition, gooseneck faucets are also made to turn on and off by touching anywhere on the faucet.

Tip #4: Home on the Range
If your daughter’s Easy-Bake oven looks and works better than your own stove, then it may be time to invest in a modern induction cooktop range that can cook foods quicker and save you up to 60% in energy costs. Also, the look of an induction cooktop is sleek and modern, enhancing any kitchen’s appearance and conserving space as well.

Tip #5: Techno-Kitchen
Take that sleazy portable television off the kitchen table that seems to drone on and on when no one is watching it and try a television/refrigerator combo that allows you to chop onions and watch Oprah at the same time. No one will know whether you are crying about some poor soul on Oprah or if it is the onion’s fault.

Tip #6: Naked Cabinets
Installing glass cabinet doors or simply removing cupboard doors will give your kitchen a breezy yet avant-garde appearance that seamlessly blends with clean countertops and new Gooseneck faucets. You can also have cabinets that feature an open, upper half and a closed bottom half in which you can store things that are personal or lack aesthetic qualities.

Tip #7: Starlight, Skylight
Having a skylight in your kitchen allows you to view the blue sky as the natural light filtering in helps reduce energy costs as well as make any apartment kitchen feel much more roomy. But when you can’t have a skylight, having a garden window can be the next best thing to experiencing the green charm of nature.

Tip #8: Don’t Throw That Away!
Recycling is not time-consuming if you have a kitchen that is already prepared to double as a place to store and bake food and a place to store and reuse items. Designating an area in your new kitchen to be used as a place to park recyclable items can save you money and also lend an air of “green” modernity to the more technological aspects of your kitchen.

Tip #9: Le Réfrigérateur
Everyone is guility of cramming oversized boxes and containers into the minute panels of a side by side refrigerator, only to find whatever was in the box or container no longer part of the original food. A French door refrigerator, however, is equipped with actual French doors that open widely enough to cram in a 5′ x 5′ cookie sheet and a pizza box.

Tip #10: Hang It Up
Living in a New York City apartment means making the best use of vertical space, especially in the kitchen. Purchase colored hooks or hangers and mount them inside cabinets to save space. Place aluminum foil, small pots or other items on these hooks to utilize space and retain that modern, ascetic appearance of your kitchen.