NYC Cost Effective Kitchen Remodeling

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

Cost Effective Kitchen Remodeling with a High-End Look

January 24, 2011

It used to be that an NYC kitchen renovation was a solid investment in increasing your home’s resale value. But things have changed and in today’s more than sluggish market investing a large amount of money in a kitchen renovation (NYC) doesn’t make sense if you’re planning on selling in the near future.

“People are looking for bargains right now,” notes NYC area renovation firm MyHome CEO Yoel Piotraut. “So if you dump $75,000 into renovating your kitchen chances are you’re not going to be able to recoup that cost at sale. Besides, luxury items are highly individual and there’s no guarantee that a potential buyer is going to think the high-end appliance you chose is as fantastic as you do.”

It makes more sense to invest in a more budget-friendly or minor renovation that appeals to a wide variety of homeowners. That’s not to say you can’t adapt high-end design to a feasible budget, though.

Consider adapting these design trends to your budget kitchen renovation:

Bold Color
Use bright and bold colors as accents in backsplashes or appliances. Rather than purchase a pricey candy apple red fridge, though, invest in appliances with bright panels that can be changed. An even more budget friendly way to incorporate color that a new homeowner can quickly and inexpensively adapt to their own preferences is to choose colored hardware or lighting fixtures. Even better: paint an accent wall in a vibrant shade.

Go Green
Going green can be quite expensive: low-VOC paints, for example, are much costlier than traditional paints. But some eco-friendly products are comparable in price or even less expensive than traditional materials. Bamboo flooring, for example, is a sustainable wood alternative that fits well into a budget renovation. Cork flooring is another green material that’s gaining popularity among budget conscious eco-friendly renovators.

Upgrade Selectively
Another way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank is to add molding or paneling to your kitchen island without redoing the entire room.

Use Solid Surface Countertops
High-end designers are using wood, concrete, and recycled conglomerates for countertops for more and more of their clients. But solid surface products are less expensive and just as attractive. And since they’re easy to maintain, they’re a practical choice as well.

Add Convenience
All homeowners look for ways to add convenience to their kitchens. Features like microwave drawers, cabinet pieces that hide a microwave, a free standing oven or even spice racks and pot racks inside cabinetry are inexpensive to add but quite attractive to potential homeowners. Of course adding multiple accessories is pricey, so just choose customization. Or add roll-out shelves to current cabinets for a quick and easy alternative.

Contact MyHome now to develop a budget conscious plan for your kitchen. While the market is down that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable solutions to enhance your quality of life.