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NYC Kitchen Makeover

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

Making Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

June 15, 2011

Don’t just imagine your dream kitchen–start investing in that dream by taking a look at these helpful tips for creating that kitchen in which you’ve always wanted to cook that exotic Indian dish wearing a colorful sari and sandals. Whether it’s more counter room you desire, or the addition of a gleaming white porcelain sink with stainless steel fixtures, designing your dream kitchen is a step-by-step process which requires dedication.

Updating Countertops and Cabinets
Kitchens draw their overall ambiance by the design of the cabinets and countertops. Even when working within a budget, you can still find quality, classic material to use that lasts for years and is visually striking. Contrasting solid colors will enhance any kitchen, no matter how small or large it is. New York City apartment kitchens especially benefit from the size-amplifying re-design of solid colored countertops and cabinets.

Stove Simplicity
With the latest kitchen appliance trends oriented towards energy conservation ideas and functionality, stoves and ranges are being redesigned with just those concepts in mind. Induction cooking ranges now allow you to enjoy the taste of grilled food, while stoves employ a more streamlined appearance to reduce the strong odor of certain foods. In addition, induction cooktops can reduce your gas costs by 60% more than convection ovens.

Fixture Fun
Kitchen fixtures not only refer to faucets but also to drawer pulls and light fixtures. Redesigning your kitchen by changing the style of these fixtures can add a delightful touch of sophisticated elegance or old-fashioned charm, depending on the make of the fixtures. Whether it is hand-crafted colored glass drawer pulls or stainless steel Gooseneck faucets, replacing your old boring kitchen fixtures with vibrant new ones will make your kitchen look fashionably new.

Think Before Redesigning
Redesigning your kitchen means implementing features which facilitate what you do in a kitchen–prepare delicious food for yourself or your family. However, if you have kids who like to hang out and do their homework in the kitchen, then installing an expansive, durable countertop should be part of your redesigning plans. In addition, if you are someone who regularly cooks for a group of people, investing in a French-door refrigerator would be more functional than opting for a traditional refrigerator.

Invest with the Future in Mind
Dream kitchens may look high maintenance but in reality you want one that requires little upgrading or repairing. Marble countertops may be the most exquisite countertops you’ve ever seen but do you really want to cringe every time someone sets something hard and potentially damaging on it? You also don’t want to spend your spare time cleaning your dream kitchen, so redesign with the concept of low maintenance in mind. That way you will indeed be the proud owner of a dream kitchen.

Invest with the Future in Mind
Some tips to consider when redesigning your New York apartment dream kitchen:
use energy-saving appliances
utilize materials that are eco-friendly such as stone or bamboo
install hooks inside cupboards to hang items and save space
implement a galley kitchen design by placing cabinets and appliances on one side of the kitchen
using a neutral color such as off white or light gray can create the illusion of an even, fluid kitchen
open shelving gives an apartment kitchen a fresh, contemporary appearance