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By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

New Solutions in the New York CIty Kitchen

August 22, 2013

As many a New York City dweller will attest, apartments in the city do not always come with the most spacious of amenities. From small bedrooms to nearly non-existent dining rooms, many New Yorkers make do with what living space they have. Of course, this is particularly true in the kitchen, which more times than not leaves something to be desired while also requiring a lot of function.

What tips can one use to make a New York City kitchen more workable? Read below for some ideas from New York City residents themselves.

1) Layout Matters
Though in a dream scenario, we would all knock down walls and ready ourselves for the biggest and most open layout plan possible, that approach is not always doable. Instead, many New York City owners need to make do with the space that they are given. Because most buildings have units that are built around each other, it’s not always possible to expand a space or make ceilings any higher.

Therefore, New York City designers suggest using the kitchen space in a way that is efficient and functional. The key to doing this is to use expert design. By designing the space properly, you have a better chance of using each and every inch of the kitchen for functionality.

2) Pay Attention to Foot Traffic
The way you move through and within a space is hugely important in determining its functionality. Do the current locations of the entrances and exits to your kitchen make sense? If not, consider moving them. Often the doorways to a space can be moved without in any way affecting the overall structure of the room.

3) Making Full Use
There are many creative ways to make full use of existing walls and hallways, particularly when it comes to the use of cabinetry. Extending cabinets higher than usual – almost to the ceiling – for example, can really expand the amount of space that you have to work with. This particular trick also extends the eye line of the room, making it feel larger than it really is.

Using built in cabinetry and shelves is another great trick when it comes to increasing the amount of usable space in a kitchen. By installing shelves and cabinetry right onto the walls, you make a wall useful instead of allowing it to be a hinderance.

4) Fixing with Fixtures
The materials used in your kitchen will have a huge impact on the appearance, usefulness, and upkeep of the space. Choose wisely when it comes to cabinets, countertop materials, and flooring. There are a wide range of options for each, and each has its own levels of functionality.

This is also where you’ll make your biggest style decisions. What type of colors, materials, and fixtures will make your kitchen feel the closest to how you want it to feel? Understanding which materials and colors will affect your room in which ways will be big help here, so be sure to seek some expert design advice.