Making The Most of Kitchen Space

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

In New York City, the kitchen is oftentimes the epicenter of the home. It’s not only where meals are prepared – it is often where meals are served. Furthermore, old or peculiar construction often leaves New York City dwellers with small and oddly shaped kitchen spaces. So, when in the position to do a kitchen remodel, many homeowners make the decision to give their kitchen space a makeover that makes the most use of available space and often even makes the space appear much bigger than it actually is.

In a small kitchen space, the most important factor is layout. When possible, opening up the space and creating doorways that allow for easy traffic in and out of the kitchen space will maximize the use of the area. Too many doors into a kitchen can actually cause confusion and crowdedness, and it can limit the amount of workspace in the kitchen itself.

Light and reflective tiles, flooring, and cabinetry will make for a brighter space that feels bigger. Further, cabinetry holds the potential to add a lot to the space by way of appearance even in its design. Many small kitchens are square and offer only right angles. Utilizing rounded shelving to punctuate cabinetry will soften the harsh angles created by the cabinets and will give the room a less rigid appearance. Further, open shelving can give the kitchen an open look and also create easy access to certain items such as glasses or dishes.

A custom lazy susan placed within the kitchen is a great way to save space and increase function. Because the lazy susan rotates, it’s perfect for items you need easy access to such as bowls, pots, pans, and other small appliances.

Outlets are of importance, especially in modern kitchens. To maximize the use of a kitchen space, install outlets within existing structures such as at the end of a countertop or butcher block. This makes it easy to plug in kitchen appliances such as blenders, toasters, or slow cookers.

An L-Shaped breakfast nook or snack counter that allows for side access to the kitchen is one way to maximize workspace and open the kitchen up to the rest of the home. This is especially useful in New York City apartments where the kitchen and living space are shared as it creates a barrier between the two areas without making either space feel smaller.

If a small pantry or broom closet exists within the kitchen space, consider re-imagining it to be either an open pantry or a small area for plugging in appliances. Opening up a space and furnishing it with tiles to match the rest of the kitchen will make a functional nook within the kitchen that can incorporate further countertop workspace, cabinetry or shelves for storage, and outlets for appliances used within the kitchen space.

With careful care to every bit of the kitchen space, a remodel has the potential to change a small area into one that feels larger and more functional.