The Optical Illusion of Under Cabinet Lighting

MyHome’s Designers are always excited to share insider tips and tricks to make your NYC apartment looks magazine worthy. One of the best ways to truly enhance a kitchen in particular is with smart lighting techniques such as under cabinet lighting. Brightening a kitchen gives the illusion of more space and highlights nice countertops if […]

Why Choose MyHome?

You only want the best for your NYC apartment renovation, so you should choose a company that produces stellar results and has a track record of client satisfaction. That is why so many homeowners in Manhattan sign on with MyHome Design + Remodeling. We are proud to offer unparalleled renovation and design services in New […]

All About Kitchen Cabinets for NYC Apartments

If you’re looking to give your home the royal treatment, your kitchen is the first space to start! The kitchen cabinet doors are the eminent aspect of your kitchen. Focusing on the style and material for your kitchen is necessary. Whether you want to bring in the contemporary or traditional feel to your home, MyHome […]

Welcoming Guest Bathroom Ideas 

Inviting guests over to stay at your home is exciting and anxiety-inducing. It’s wonderful to spend time with friends and family you might not have seen in a while. In the back of your mind though, you might be worried about the state of your guest facilities and if they are a little lackluster. Since […]

Online Home Improvement Resources for NYC Homeowners

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites to browse when searching for design and remodeling inspiration. While it can be very helpful to have such varied and numerous home improvement sites, at some point it’s time to narrow down what will actually apply to your project. What’s even better is when you find resources […]

The Benefits of Marble Countertops For NYC Homes

Many NYC homeowners have dreams of completely renovating their kitchen space to resemble that of the high end real estate magazines. In a majority of those glossy images, marble countertops are prominently featured. This ultra chic material might seem unrealistic due to high cost, but it could be worth the price tag for its many […]

How To Style Your NYC Studio Apartment 

The quintessential New York City apartment is an efficient but small space. Popular in all boroughs, many people discover that these small spaces are the best way to live the NYC lifestyle. The key to making this discovery is designing your studio in a way that fits your personality and makes the most of every […]

Tips For Cleaning Grout

Top remodelers know the grout for your NYC home can make or break the overall look of your space. Because of the importance of this small design feature, taking care of your grout is essential to maintaining your aesthetic. The tiny crevices between the tiles of your kitchen and bath are prone to mold, mildew […]

Why You Should Choose Engineered Quartz For Your NYC Kitchen

Quartz continues to grow in popularity for a countertop material in the NYC kitchen remodeling world. Specifically, homeowners are over and over choosing Engineered Quartz in order to tap into their creativity. This material offers an array of benefits that keep designers and clients thrilled with the renovation results.  What Is Engineered Quartz? Engineered quartz […]

NYC Midtown West Apartment Gets Bold & Beautiful Upgrade

A Midtown West apartment got a major facelift earlier this year courtesy of the dynamic duo of MyHome professionals, Anri Tchelidze and Adam Blake. With so many people spending more time indoors as of late, remodeling a space to feel larger and more efficient is very important. This was especially true for our client residing […]