Textured Wallpaper – A New Take on an Old Idea

After several years of being frowned upon as ‘old-fashioned’ by many in the decorating industry, wallpaper is once again gaining popularity with designers.  More and more often, unique wallpaper is being used in home and business design and often as ‘feature’ walls. Wallcoverings are a typically simple and cost-efficient method to transform a room using color, texture […]

Decorating Ideas for a Kids Bedroom That Will Inspire

As the Dog Days of Summer here in New York wind their way toward Autumn, we’d like to take this opportunity to pay some attention to the little ones in our lives.  Living in the city with kids can sometimes prove to be a bit challenging, especially if sharing a limited-space apartment, so we’ve come up with […]

Marble Countertop Info For Your Next Renovation

Marble can be a great option for those that are looking for a timeless, sophisticated, bold addition to a home.  We hope you keep this information in mind when it comes time for that next renovation. There are many options in using marble to cover a countertop, tables, shelving, window sills, doorway thresholds, etc., but […]

NYC BUILDS ! 2015 Offerings in Manhattan New Construction

As the US economy recovers from years of recession and stagnation, we are finally starting to see the emergence of some amazing new residential NYC builds and build plans happening for the city right now! You don’t have to look anywhere but up these days to notice a building boom is well under way in our […]

Bathtub Trends for 2015

Get ready to soak your cares away as we show you the latest bathtub trends for 2015. […]

Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

One of the best bathroom remodeling on a budget ideas that you can employ would be engaging a competent and experienced contractor to do the work for you. With expert aid, you can avoid the possibility of re-doing the job in case you made some slip-ups while undertaking it. Another advantage that would significantly save […]

2015 Countertop Options That Are Better Than Ever!

As we continue to celebrate the arrival of Spring here in New York City, we would like to highlight some great options for sprucing up your kitchen countertop. For those times that you feel a full renovation of your kitchen might be a bit overboard, why not try just replacing your countertop?  This fairly simple […]

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See!

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See![…]

Smart Appliances For Your Home 2015

Smart Appliances For Your Home 2015[…]

Closet from Heaven: Examples of an Over The Top Closet!

Closet dreams!  Another week has gone by in this never-ending Winter that has taken up residence in our fair city, New York.  A regular guest of ours that initially brings beautiful snows, a cozy atmosphere decorated with feelings of holiday cheer.  The buildings and parks twinkle and glow as we enjoy our comfy fun sweaters, […]