Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See!

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See![…]

Smart Appliances For Your Home 2015

Smart Appliances For Your Home 2015[…]

Closet from Heaven: Examples of an Over The Top Closet!

Closet dreams!  Another week has gone by in this never-ending Winter that has taken up residence in our fair city, New York.  A regular guest of ours that initially brings beautiful snows, a cozy atmosphere decorated with feelings of holiday cheer.  The buildings and parks twinkle and glow as we enjoy our comfy fun sweaters, […]

Unique Flooring Ideas For Your City Pad

With the Winter weather upon us, the salt and ash being spread around the city can make for a messy situation indoors.  What is meant to keep us safe from spills and falls on the sidewalks of our neighborhoods can turn into messy reminders of just how dirty our floors can get in these bitter cold […]

Crazy Fun Bathroom Ideas We Could All Have!

As we head into a long stretch of February Winter, I would like to add a little bit of crazy fun to your web browsing.  Here are a few over-the-top bathroom ideas that show lots of character, whimsy, and a whole lot of fantasy.  We hope you enjoy taking a look as much as we […]

Color Choices and How They Can Affect Your Mood

Color choices we make for our homes can sometimes be a very difficult process.  Our personal color preferences for clothing may not always be the same color preferences in furniture or the walls of a room.  We may choose bright bold colors for flowers we like, but dark, deep colors for the interior of our kitchen. […]

MyHome Project Gallery of Kitchens and Baths

With the holidays behind us, we are approaching the New Year with great expectations here at MyHome Design and Remodeling!  This week we would like to showcase our new and improved Project Gallery found at our website www.MyHomeUS.com. This new project gallery features a location map of many of the jobs we have done here in […]

Kitchen Design Trends: Eclectic Kitchens

Eclectic kitchens.  Although we all want to believe that we love them, or at least love looking at them, very few people actually follow through with a true eclectic kitchen design. The reasons few venture into the eclectic kitchen could be the higher cost of hard to find appliances, or that one-of-a-kind handmade tile, or […]