NYC Midtown West Apartment Gets Bold & Beautiful Upgrade

A Midtown West apartment got a major facelift earlier this year courtesy of the dynamic duo of MyHome professionals, Anri Tchelidze and Adam Blake. With so many people spending more time indoors as of late, remodeling a space to feel larger and more efficient is very important. This was especially true for our client residing […]

Real Life NYC Bathroom Renovation Steps and Timeline

Beginning a renovation project in NYC can be daunting. Learning the exact steps to take and how long the process will last can help relieve some anxiety. The MyHome Design + Remodeling team are well versed in all aspects of the remodeling process in the city. From obtaining permits and approval to picking beautiful vanities […]

NYC Home Design Trends: What is IN and What is OUT for the Season 

If you live in New York City, chances are you are keenly aware of constantly changing trends in fashion, neighborhoods, and home design. We have compiled a helpful list of design elements that are on their way out, as well as new styles you should definitely be adopting into your apartment.  NYC Interior Design: Things […]

Add Color To Your Kitchen For An Added Sparkle This Season

Winter in NYC can be both magical and bleak. Once the shimmering snow turns to slush in the street, you might be looking for something as a bright beacon to the season’s end. It’s possible to escape the dreary gray color scheme of the frigid outdoors by revamping your kitchen with some cheery colors. There […]

Understand The Best Methods To Perfectly Light Your Kitchen

One decision you will have to make when renovating your kitchen is how to incorporate new lighting into the space. To achieve a beautiful kitchen design, you’ll want to ensure there is sufficient lighting to clean, cook, prepare, and gather. To begin, let’s cover the basics of each type of lighting style. Types of Lighting […]

Trending Now: Nude Toned Bathrooms

If you are seeking to remodel you NYC apartment bathroom into something that is trendy but at the same time, timeless and forever eye-catching, look no further than the popular neutral tone. Nude color palettes are popping up more frequently in remodel requests and for a good reason! Our talented Interior Designer, Esther Trattner, gave […]

5 Simple Ways To Change The Look Of Your NYC Bathroom without Braking the Bank

Creating a beautiful new space in your home does not have to be a large top to bottom project. There are many ways you can completely revamp the look of a NYC bathroom with just a few upgrades. As always, we recommend using a professional remodeling company to ensure you’re following all the building codes […]

What are Contemporary and Modern Designs

NYC residents are very partial to a high-end luxurious apartment design with not too much frill and plenty of efficiency. The most common interior design requests to achieve this look are contemporary and modern. So how can you tell the difference and which style best suits your tastes? When hiring designers and consultants for your […]

Choosing A Countertop Material For Your NYC Kitchen

You have been thinking about it for ages and it’s finally time to redo your kitchen countertops! If you are like the majority of our clients, there is a special material you have been dreaming of using for months, maybe even years. Even if you feel ready to make the commitment,  price or practicality can […]

What You Need To Know About Walk-In Tubs

Unlike a regular tub with a high side to step over, walk-in tubs have a door that allows users to simply walk into the tub. They have a short curb to step over – usually just a couple of inches high. The walk-in feature allows users to remain upright and sturdy rather than lose balance […]