Bright MyHome Designed Kitchens To Inspire You This Summer

It’s summer in the city! The warm weather and sunny days probably have you wishing your kitchen was open, airy and bright to let in the season. Summer is a great time to remodel the outdated, closed off kitchen space found in many old NYC buildings. This is because it’s much easier for homeowners to […]

NYC Homeowners Love these Bathroom Shower Fixtures

One of the unexpectedly fun features to pick out during a bathroom renovation is the shower and tub fixtures. Depending on the color, material, and style you choose – it can define your bathroom design. Picking the right fixture will ensure your space achieves the desired aesthetic. Ultra Contemporary For this Midtown West bathroom renovation […]

Add Color To Your Kitchen For An Added Sparkle This Season

Winter in NYC can be both magical and bleak. Once the shimmering snow turns to slush in the street, you might be looking for something as a bright beacon to the season’s end. It’s possible to escape the dreary gray color scheme of the frigid outdoors by revamping your kitchen with some cheery colors. There […]

Trending Now: Nude Toned Bathrooms

If you are seeking to remodel you NYC apartment bathroom into something that is trendy but at the same time, timeless and forever eye-catching, look no further than the popular neutral tone. Nude color palettes are popping up more frequently in remodel requests and for a good reason! Our talented Interior Designer, Esther Trattner, gave […]

Color Tips to Keep Your NYC Apartment Looking Fresh

There are an infinite amount of choices when it comes to picking colors for your home design. Whatever style you have in mind, there is probably a way to incorporate your favorite colors to achieve that style. Before you make the final decision, make sure the hues you pick look good in your space and […]

Design Your NYC Apartment: Kitchen Cabinet and Hardware Combinations

A huge factor in achieving your ideal kitchen design style is all about the look of your kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re going for modern, rustic, traditional, minimalist, or bohemian – the first thing guests will notice is your cabinets! The color and material of your cabinets will lead the way to creating your dream aesthetic, […]

How To Use Grout Color to Accent the Design in Your NYC Apartment

Grout color is the hidden feature that actually brings about the finishing touch of every  kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. It’s a design element that requires careful consideration based on what aesthetic you are aiming for with your space. Because this design step tends to be overlooked in the planning stages, many people wonder how […]

Get The Look: Instagram Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Design Trends From Instagram for NYC Homeowners Instagram is where so many of us turn to to find inspiration for fashion, lifestyle, and of course – home design. There are endless images of perfectly styled homes from all over the world to be the subject of your NYC remodeling fantasies. It’s easy to want […]

NYC Bathroom Designs: Dark and Daring

A white bathroom is classic and stylish; however, those of us living a bit more on the wild side are adding dark elements – or even going all out shady – for our bathroom remodels.  Illusions of Grandeur Darker tones allow us to express our creativity and uniqueness. There are so many more options than […]

Getting To Know Grout

How do I choose a grout color? This a common question heard throughout the Interior design and home renovation world. It is a small detail that can alter the finished look of your tile work and should be taken seriously. Today many designs rely on the contrast between tile and grout to create interesting patterns […]