4 Inspiring Examples of The Mixed Cabinet Kitchen Trend

This year we have seen a lot of materials paired with colored kitchen cabinets against white and neutral backdrops.  The following are four kitchens recently uploaded to our website. This trend isn’t NYC biased either; it’s emerging in kitchens across the country.  4 Inspiring Examples of The Mixed Cabinet Kitchen Trend Example #1: Liberty Street, NYC Designed […]

4 Backsplashes to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

When it comes to designing a beautiful kitchen, it’s all about the details. A backsplash will always draw attention to the overall look of your space.  When designing your kitchen, you should use the backsplash as a chance to design an attention-grabbing focal point for your space.  4 Backsplashes to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out  […]

5 Tips for Doing All-White Bathroom Designs Well

There are so many beautiful bathroom possibilities in all different hues, but for this blog, we are going to focus on white bathrooms.  White bathrooms are a popular choice for many people, likely because many associate white with being modern and clean.  On the other hand, many other people find all white bathrooms to be boring […]

Six Colorful and Bold Styles To Inspire Your NYC Bathroom

Whether you’re a shameless lover of bright, bold colors or you’re color shy, your bathroom is a great place to stock up on your favorite color.   The bathroom is a small enough space that bright, bold, or in season colors can be used without feeling overwhelming or like you are over committing.  And even if you […]

Six Black Bathrooms To Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

Six Examples of Black Bathrooms To Inspire You for 2017 When you are designing your dream bathroom, most often you will consider neutral hues as your design choice because they complement the white in most bathrooms. But, if you are looking for an alternative to the norm and want to make a statement with your […]

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Summer

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Summer  As soon as school is out and we see that sun up in the sky, we know that summer is upon us! You might be ready for the sun, but is your home ready for the warmer weather? Just getting our summer clothes from the closet […]

5 Reasons Why Gray is the New White

5 Reasons Why Gray is the New White Gray is not the dull and dreary ordinary color that it once was, but gray is the new white. It is the new, hot neutral hue and it’s here to stay. Gray is an outstanding hue choice as your focal color.  It’s also a fabulous backdrop for accent colors.  It […]


Kitchens are one of the most important spaces in your home. They are the central hub for families. Because of this, a kitchen’s design and layout can affect the home’s functionality. Kitchen designs should not only be efficient, but also aesthetically attractive. An easy way to create intrigue and appeal is to mix and match kitchen countertops […]

Holiday Home Designs Guest will Envy: Kitchen & Bath Edition

Holiday Home Designs Another holiday season is quickly approaching, it’s often second nature to grab the boxes of holiday decorations out of storage and set up your holiday décor up in the usual places.  Some of us just need inspiration to get our creative decorating wheels turning. Below are our favorite holiday home designs that will leave […]

Decorating Ideas for a Kids Bedroom That Will Inspire

As the Dog Days of Summer here in New York wind their way toward Autumn, we’d like to take this opportunity to pay some attention to the little ones in our lives.  Living in the city with kids can sometimes prove to be a bit challenging, especially if sharing a limited-space apartment, so we’ve come up with […]