Marble Countertop Info For Your Next Renovation

Marble can be a great option for those that are looking for a timeless, sophisticated, bold addition to a home.  We hope you keep this information in mind when it comes time for that next renovation. There are many options in using marble to cover a countertop, tables, shelving, window sills, doorway thresholds, etc., but […]

Get Your Blooms On! Colorful Flowering Plants For Your Spring Apartment Decorating!

Get Your Blooms On! Flowers and Color For Your Spring Decorating![…]

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See!

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See![…]

Spring is Coming! Indoor Plants Can Get You There Sooner!

Spring is just around the corner!  The air is starting to become fragrant again, the wind feels more like a breeze, and the city is starting to wake from it’s slow, dull, slumber.  As plants and flowers are starting to consider when to bloom, you could give your windows a test to see if they […]

Color Choices and How They Can Affect Your Mood

Color choices we make for our homes can sometimes be a very difficult process.  Our personal color preferences for clothing may not always be the same color preferences in furniture or the walls of a room.  We may choose bright bold colors for flowers we like, but dark, deep colors for the interior of our kitchen. […]

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Dreaming of a white Christmas? All white decor is as classic, beautiful and crisp as snow - without the threat of hypothermia.[…]

Color Outside the Lines

Want to reinvigorate your space? Don't reach for the neutral colors. Dare to be different and try something BOLD.[…]