Popular Decor Trends in 2016 to Inspire Your Remodel

Popular Decor Trends in 2016 to Inspire Your Remodel  Will one of your New Year’s resolutions be remodeling your home? Start here for project inspiration and MyHome’s most requested decor trends in 2016.  Trend #1: Formal Dining Rooms Many homeowners are deciding to hold onto formal dining spaces instead of renovating them into offices, media […]

A Guide To Preparing Your NYC Apartment for Autumn and Winter

Autumn is the perfect season to take care of the small items in your home so as to avoid a winter disaster.  Most of the preparation tips listed below you can go over yourself. But, if you choose to have a professional take care of it, it’s definitely worth the expense. A Guide To Preparing Your NYC […]

How to Use Metallics in Your NYC Home Design without Going Overboard

4 Tips to Design your NYC Home with More Metallics  You can make any space instantaneously more glitzy with just a dash of sparkling metal. But if you use too much metallic, your home can end up feeling like a house of mirrors. While some designers say that there is no such thing as too […]

5 Reasons Why Gray is the New White

5 Reasons Why Gray is the New White Gray is not the dull and dreary ordinary color that it once was, but gray is the new white. It is the new, hot neutral hue and it’s here to stay. Gray is an outstanding hue choice as your focal color.  It’s also a fabulous backdrop for accent colors.  It […]

Hot Trends for Home Decor in 2016

5 Hot Trends for Home Decor in 2016 When you have a year as trendy as last year, it is hard to imagine that anything could top it. Here at MyHome, we created a list of the five biggest design trends we’re predicting for 2016. 1. The Class of Formal Dining Rooms Many homeowners are deciding […]

Kitchen Sink Styles For Your Dream Kitchen

Do you find yourself dreaming of your ideal kitchen? The focal point, both aesthetically and functionally, is the kitchen sink. Consider the type of sink that will be perfect for your dream kitchen.  When you envision your dream kitchen, the first things that come to mind are often custom cabinetry, appliances, backsplashes or an island. […]

Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Feeling like it is time to add some style to your kitchen or give it a change?  If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, start thinking about what you want the backsplash to look like and be made of. What do you do when your kitchen needs improvement, but you don’t want to renovate the entire […]

Six Hot Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Love your home, but hate your bathroom? It’s time to give this often overlooked space a fresh design. If one of your goals for year ahead is a bathroom remodel, be sure to carefully consider the wide selection of bathroom vanities. Hot Trends in Bathroom Vanities A fresh new vanity design is a great place […]


You may be as smart as your kitchen today, but will you be as smart as your kitchen tomorrow? Uncertain what to make your family for dinner tonight? Now, you can call on your kitchen for the answer.Kitchens of the future are automated and allow you to know what’s in the refrigerator and cupboards without having […]


Kitchens are one of the most important spaces in your home. They are the central hub for families. Because of this, a kitchen’s design and layout can affect the home’s functionality. Kitchen designs should not only be efficient, but also aesthetically attractive. An easy way to create intrigue and appeal is to mix and match kitchen countertops […]