2015 Countertop Options That Are Better Than Ever!

As we continue to celebrate the arrival of Spring here in New York City, we would like to highlight some great options for sprucing up your kitchen countertop. For those times that you feel a full renovation of your kitchen might be a bit overboard, why not try just replacing your countertop?  This fairly simple […]

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See!

Gorgeous NYC Restaurants You Must See![…]

Closet from Heaven: Examples of an Over The Top Closet!

Closet dreams!  Another week has gone by in this never-ending Winter that has taken up residence in our fair city, New York.  A regular guest of ours that initially brings beautiful snows, a cozy atmosphere decorated with feelings of holiday cheer.  The buildings and parks twinkle and glow as we enjoy our comfy fun sweaters, […]

Valentine’s Day Ideas To Make Your Day Special

It is that time of year again, where we want to show our love to our “love” with style and heart-felt appreciation.  The February cold is upon us here in New York City, and the temperature outside is approaching record lows.  This is the perfect time to turn up the heat between you and your […]

Have That Fireplace You’ve Always Wanted!

It is February in New York City!  It is frigid, and any and all thoughts, references, images, ideas about heat, fire, coziness, comfort seem to be first and foremost on our minds.  It is during these months that we wish we had given more thought to that apartment or home that had the FIREPLACE when […]

Color Choices and How They Can Affect Your Mood

Color choices we make for our homes can sometimes be a very difficult process.  Our personal color preferences for clothing may not always be the same color preferences in furniture or the walls of a room.  We may choose bright bold colors for flowers we like, but dark, deep colors for the interior of our kitchen. […]

The Winter Blues: Blue Beautiful Kitchens

As we head into the second of the Winter months, it can be difficult to not let the cold and rain, and sleet or snow get you down.  Those long nights and short days, where sunshine is a premium and seems so reluctant to come out to play, can make even the most seasoned New Yorkers […]

6 Tips on How to NOT Screw Up Your NYC Renovation

Avoid the headaches of renovating in New York City. Slow-down, enjoy the process, and do your homework when it comes to tackling your home renovation project here in NYC![…]