You may be as smart as your kitchen today, but will you be as smart as your kitchen tomorrow? Uncertain what to make your family for dinner tonight? Now, you can call on your kitchen for the answer.Kitchens of the future are automated and allow you to know what’s in the refrigerator and cupboards without having […]


Kitchens are one of the most important spaces in your home. They are the central hub for families. Because of this, a kitchen’s design and layout can affect the home’s functionality. Kitchen designs should not only be efficient, but also aesthetically attractive. An easy way to create intrigue and appeal is to mix and match kitchen countertops […]

Kitchen Design Trends: The Subtle Beauty of Slate Appliances

  Kitchen Design Trends: Slate Appliances Homeowners are cooking up something new in their kitchens. After years of pulling back and spending less on renovations and remodels, new kitchen design trends are emerging. Slate appliances are quickly gaining popularity in kitchens across the country.   The desire for modern and contemporary designs is softening. Shiny stainless steel […]

Holiday Home Designs Guest will Envy: Kitchen & Bath Edition

Holiday Home Designs Another holiday season is quickly approaching, it’s often second nature to grab the boxes of holiday decorations out of storage and set up your holiday décor up in the usual places.  Some of us just need inspiration to get our creative decorating wheels turning. Below are our favorite holiday home designs that will leave […]

Decorating Ideas for a Kids Bedroom That Will Inspire

As the Dog Days of Summer here in New York wind their way toward Autumn, we’d like to take this opportunity to pay some attention to the little ones in our lives.  Living in the city with kids can sometimes prove to be a bit challenging, especially if sharing a limited-space apartment, so we’ve come up with […]

Marble Countertop Info For Your Next Renovation

Marble can be a great option for those that are looking for a timeless, sophisticated, bold addition to a home.  We hope you keep this information in mind when it comes time for that next renovation. There are many options in using marble to cover a countertop, tables, shelving, window sills, doorway thresholds, etc., but […]

Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

In order to achieve that cool apartment status at any time of day in the Summer heat, we've put together a short list of ideas, suggestions, and shortcuts to save energy and keep you cool and comfortable this summer. […]

Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors!

Don’t let your cozy little space let you down this Summer.  Try using some well-placed mirrors to open up your space and achieve some different and really cool effects that will make it feel as though you gave your home a face-lift!  Check out some of the ways you can use mirrors as a tool […]

Spring is Coming! Indoor Plants Can Get You There Sooner!

Spring is just around the corner!  The air is starting to become fragrant again, the wind feels more like a breeze, and the city is starting to wake from it’s slow, dull, slumber.  As plants and flowers are starting to consider when to bloom, you could give your windows a test to see if they […]

Smart Appliances For Your Home 2015

Smart Appliances For Your Home 2015[…]