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Introducing MyHome’s Web Based Client Communication Software

MyHome Design and Remodeling is proud to present its custom web based client communication and project management software. We believe that using our new software will improve client experience, will allow for successful project completion, and enable us to exceed customer’s expectations.

Our advanced web-based software will streamline the communication process and will allow our clients to enjoy the following great features among others:

  1. Construction Photo Album
    A simple photo management tool which allows the remodeling consultant or project manager to update current photos from a client’s ongoing remodeling project.
  2. Change Orders
    Allows the client to monitor and approve any of the remodeling project’s change orders. This streamlines the project itself by providing clarification and by saving time and confusion.
  3. Schedule and Events
    Provides tracking capabilities regarding special events, upcoming holidays, building work closures and more.
  4. Warranty Management
    MyHome is the only remodeling company in New York City which provides a 5-year limited warranty. This tool enables the client to file claims for warranty work and for MyHome to be able to service those claims as soon as possible.
  5. Plans and Documents
    Gain access to your remodeling project’s documents for years to come, such as building approvals, drawings, material lists, paints used and more.
  6. Constant Communication
    We send automatic emails and text message alerts that notify the client when there is new information regarding their remodeling project.