Plan Your Next Vacation … On Your Rooftop

Vacations are cool. Rooftops are cool.┬áPut them together and you’ll have one less reason to call your travel agent.

NYC Rooftop Garden Inspiration

If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop in the city, you’ll find it’s not terribly difficult to create your own oasis.

In most cases all you need is some greenery, a small fountain and a couple of lounge chairs to complete the most basic of rooftop/backyard oases.


Hire a good remodeling company and you can really let your imagination go wild!

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Next time you’re planning some relaxation time, why not give your passport a rest, keep your bunny slippers on and just head outside to your newly created rooftop or backyard retreat.

What kind of theme would your backyard or rooftop be?