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Soyica Lyles

Soyica Lyles
Office Administrator

With MyHome Since: 2017
Years in Industry: 10
Showroom Location: NYC

Phone 2126662888
Fax 212.586.8199
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As Office Administrator for MyHome, Soyica Lyles has many responsibilities. Her focal and most important duty is processing completed contracts. Once a contract has been signed, Soyica receives the contract, contacting the client's management company and gathering information regarding the necessary documentation needed for them to approve initiation of the project. A few of the items that Soyica must collect, organize and finalize include creating a scope of work, submitting the building's alteration agreement once it has been properly filled out, mailing client's checks to the building, furnishing insurance information and contacting electricians, plumbers and other contractors involved in accomplishing the project.

Soyica also served in the US Military and is a proud veteran.  Her military background along with other knowledge, abilities and skills she possess’ will allows her to confidently support and contribute to MyHome’s team. Soyica completed her undergraduate education in Interior Design and is also a contributing sports writer for a major New York Jets fan website.