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Before & After: Magazine-Ready Midtown East Apartment Remodel

By Tiffany Smolick


Our team recently created and brought to life a full renovation at 300 East 40th Street. This home was still living in the 1970s and 80’s. The Midtown East NYC apartment needed contemporary upgrades to its kitchen and bathrooms. 

Magazine-Ready Design for Midtown East Apartment Renovation

The homeowner came to MyHome wanting a stylish design that would light up the pages of a magazine. Before the renovation, the kitchen and bathroom were bland and dated. This apartment renovation in Manhattan started out with lacking in any design and didn’t have a cohesive modern feel the client wanted. The client preferred strong accents and a clean look for the upgraded spaces. The design team brought the client’s vision to life with elegant details. In the kitchen matte black handles and locksets contrasted with white cabinetry to give space a clean and magazine-ready design. To add a strong accent in one of the bathrooms, the design team used brushed bronze hardware on faux-Dolemite solid-body porcelain. The second bathroom featured darker colors with slate works porcelain and black quartz-composite slabs. No detail was spared. The team event added a rust-proof black oxide stain on the radiator cover to bring the design full circle. 

before and after nyc

Achieving NYC Home Design Goals

Inspiring Master Bathroom Transformation

In the master bathroom, the goal was to make the space feel inviting. To achieve this a frameless glass was installed for a less cluttered look. Our team was inspired by the beautiful natural-finish walnut vanity in the master bath. It includes recessed toe kicks on both sides for a floating look that doesn’t sacrifice storage space.

300 East 40th Street 10K Bathroom

300 East 40th Street 10K Bathroom2

Guest Bathroom Goes from Cramped to Captivating

Before, the guest bathroom felt cramped and dated. The homeowner wanted the space to feel larger. To enlarge the guest bathroom, the team removed a wall that was separating the sink from the toilet and tub. We also framed the glass tub enclosure in order to match the Kohler brushed bronze hardware finishes. A unique indigo vanity was installed in the guest bathroom to create a focal point.

300 East 40th Street 10K Bathroom7

300 East 40th Street 10K Bathroom5

A Functional and Stylish Kitchen Upgrade

As with many NYC homeowners, this client wanted more storage space and improved function in the kitchen. The design team took advantage of the extra room across from the oven to add more cabinets. A gorgeous Silestone “Et Calcutta Gold” polished countertop with full-height backsplashes created a truly sensational kitchen design. Completing the magazine-worthy feel transitional flat panel framed painted cabinets with small routered detail on the inner frame edge were used throughout the space.

Renovation and Design Challenges

Every project has its obstacles to overcome. In this case, bringing more electricity from the circuit breaker panel to the kitchen was a challenge. The remodeling team constructed a small soffit in the hallway that blends seamlessly with the building architecture. Before the renovation, an intercom was interfering with fully opening the refrigerator. Since the refrigerator is an area accessed daily, it was imperative to remove the intercom to make the kitchen more functional. With these obstacles out of the way, we were able to complete the renovation and satisfy the homeowner. 

before and after nyc

Contemporary Manhattan Apartment Design

The final look of the Midtown East home on 300 East 40th Street is elegant, artistic, clean and sophisticated. The homeowner was happy with the new space that added storage and improved functionality. 

Remodeling Special

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