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The toilet, aside from being the proverbial throne, is by far the most used component in any bathroom. Style is essential and so whichever model you choose it should fit into your bathroom’s design, but more and more homeowners are also choosing low-flow toilets to cut down on water wastage. These 1.6-gallon low flush toilets can reduce water use by 12,000 gallons per year. Using a dual-flush (0.9 gpf/1.6 gpf) toilet can reduce water consumption by even more—at least 30%. Finally, homeowners who crave luxury and style are turning to sophisticated Japanese Toto toilets that incorporate bidets, air dryers, and are self-cleaning. Whatever your desire, there’s a stunning toilet with an array of features to choose from our showroom to create the perfect bathroom haven for you and your family.

Toilet bowls are available in two shapes – round and elongated. Some toilets have a separate tank, while “one-piece” toilets have the tank and toilet bowl in one piece. The toilet is attached to the floor using two large screws on the sides. The measurement between these two screws and the wall is called the “rough in.” Most toilets are 12″ but some are 10″ or 14.” Two special types of toilets are used in city apartments. One is called a flush-o-meter. It does not have a tank and the water supply comes directly from the wall. The other is a wall mount toilet and the plumbing also comes from the wall instead of the floor.

Types of Toilets

Type 01
One Piece Toilets

A one-piece toilet is a complete unit that is easy to clean. These one-piece units include a tank, lid, bowl, toilet seat, wax ring with sleeve, two flange bolts and two bolt caps. In a one-piece toilet there’s less of a risk of leakage between bowl and tank.

Type 02
Two Piece Toilets

In two-piece toilets the tank and bowl are purchased separately. These two parts designs are generally less expensive than a one-piece design. Please do make sure that you purchase all the necessary elements of the toilet: the toilet seat, for example, is usually not included with the bowl.

Type 03
Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets use a low flow flush for liquid waste and high flow flush for solid waste, effectively saving up to 18,000 gallons of water per year.

Type 04
Low Flush Toilets

1.6-gallon low flush toilets reduce water use by 12,000 gallons per year. Toto’s one-piece UltraMax is one of the best performing low flush toilets available, but now there’s such a wide a variety of low flush toilets to choose from they you don’t need to sacrifice quality or even looks to reduce water wastage in your bathroom.

Type 05
Luxury Toilets

As more and more people are turning their functional bathrooms into decadent havens, they’re also looking to transform their toilets. Enter the personal hygiene system: some of these space-age toilets have built-in deodorizers, remote-controlled bidets, air dyers, seats that automatically raise and lower and a self-cleaning feature. If high art is more your style than high function, look for unusual toilets like the Dagobert Throne toilet by Herbeau Creations.

Type 06

Some luxury toilets come with a built-in bidet, but if yours does not, consider installing this personal hygiene must in your bathroom renovation. And if you don’t have room for a separate bidet, you can install a remote controlled bidet toilet seat: some come with varying water pressure and air-dry features. Most bidet seats will fit on any regular-sized toilet and are the perfect way to create a luxury toilet on a budget.

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