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Our 5-Step Remodeling Process

It begins with a free consultation, and ends with your 100% satisfaction. We’ll ease you through your home remodeling project, smoother and better than ever.

step 01
How to Plan a Remodel


Your renovation journey begins with a planning session with a dedicated Renovation Expert, who will help you define and understand the scope of the project and build a suitable budget. The meeting takes place in the comfort of your own home, at no cost and no obligation.

step 02
Permits for the home renovation process


Renovating in NYC is a complicated business, with lots of building regulations and bureaucracy to navigate. Our team will expedite the process, with our exclusive approvals process that covers submission and management of all permits with the building’s management company and the municipality, on time and within budget.

step 03
NYC general contractors


A talented and experienced MyHome designer will consult with you on every aspect of the design, which you’ll review in advance via our 3D modeling service. You’ll also be accompanied to our Midtown showroom, where you can choose all the materials needed to turn your dream home into a reality.

step 04
How It Works Construction


Now your renovation begins! The dedicated Project Manager is your sole point of contact, who will handle every aspect of the project on your behalf. Your PM will stay in constant contact with you regarding the progress of the project, and will resolve any issues or queries that arise, every step of the way.

step 05
How It Works Step 04


Congratulations! Your renovation is now complete. We’ll walk through with you to ensure that every detail is of the highest quality, and you have received every item on the project plan to your satisfaction. Your 5-year warranty on labor and materials begins now, so you can enjoy your new home and lifestyle with peace of mind.

Let’s Start!

No renovation will always be smooth sailing, but we’ll make it as hassle free as possible – and with the quality and results you expect. Start your remodeling project now.

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