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Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Warranty, MyHome will not repair any damage to the Premises caused by:

  1. Any negligent, reckless or deliberate act by the owners of, or any visitors to, the Premises.

  2. Water, moisture or plumbing leaks, except for plumbing that was directly performed by MyHome.

  3. Movement due to building settling, such as cracks in walls, seams in wood work, metal work, or sheetrock, or gaps in wood flooring.

  4. Flooring problems due to the building’s sub floor.

  5. The building’s heating and cooling system.

  6. Normal wear and tear of the Premises, including the floor finish or any other applied paint or finish.

  7. Discoloration of any applied paint, polyurethane or stain.

MyHome will not cover tub re-glaze under this warranty.

MyHome will NOT provide a 5 years warranty for the appliances purchased through MyHome for the project at the premises.

In addition to the foregoing, once the Remodeled Area is completed, MyHome will not warrant or correct any grout installed; and any leveling or straightening of tiles, flooring or walls will not be commenced. Furthermore, any construction, demolition, renovation, or remodeling done to the Remodeled Area during the Warranty Term automatically and immediately voids this Warranty.

I have read and acknowledged the above.
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