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By Tiffany Smolick


5 Tips for Selecting a Good Contractor

January 25, 2011

With the thousands of contractors working in New York City, how do you separate the professional contractors from the scam artists? Home emergencies can occur at any time without warning and when they do, you need someone you can trust to effect outstanding repairs in a timely and dependable manner. Finding a contractor before emergencies happen with whom you are familiar and know to be ethical as well as competent reduces the stress and cost of dealing with any kind of home emergency.

When choosing a New York City contractor, never pick a company arbitrarily from the phone book. Always schedule an initial appointment with a new contractor to meet with them in person and ask questions concerning licenses, length they have been in business in New York City and experience. Professionalism is evident when contractors are punctual, genuinely concerned with any misgivings you have and provide upfront quotes regarding home repair.

Another good method for finding an excellent contractor is by asking for referrals from family member, friends and neighbors. You might also check on the internet for reviews that have been posted referring to the contractor’s work and expertise. The Better Business Bureau also provides information about thousands of businesses, as well as details about any customer complaints that may remain unresolved by the company.

Ask the contractor if he has general liability insurance and Workman’s Compensation. Reject any contractors who do not possess insurance, even if they quote you ridiculously low prices for complicated jobs. When a contractor charges unusually low prices, this should raise immediate red flags about his reputation and skill.

In this age of people working from “virtual” business offices, make sure your New York City contractor has a physical business office, a verifiable address and an office phone number. So-called contractors who can only be reached via cell phone are usually fly-by-night scam artists who take jobs, obtain down payments and flee the area before customers realize what has happened.

Ask yourself if you actually like the contractor. Does he seem personable, intelligent and, most importantly, knowledgeable about home repairs and contracting? Remember, you may be working with this individual for several weeks or even several months, depending on the amount of work that needs done in your home. Maintaining positive lines of communication with a New York City contractor is vital to receiving services that are conducive to the quality of your home.

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