How to Create a Laundry Room in Your Apartment

By Danielle Miller

9 June 2016 3minutes

How to Create a Laundry Room in Your Apartment

May 31, 2016

Being in a tiny apartment doesn’t have to keep you from having an amazing laundry space. It’s possible to fit a stylish and functional laundry room into a small space.  With these pro tips, you’ll be on the right track to design a perfect laundry space.

Choose appliances that suit your needs.

Will you use existing machines or upgrade to new appliances? The type of washing machine and dryer you have will affect other choices for your space.Tip from the Pros: When buying new appliances, measure key areas around your home to make sure they fit in your space. Doorway and halls should be at minimum one-inch wider than the washer and dryer for delivery. If necessary, remove doors and hinges to get appliances through.Many apartment dwellers lack space, so the laundry room is designed to function in the kitchens, bathroom or closet. These dual-purpose areas often come with space limitations. What’s available will dictate whether you choose stacked or side-by-side machines.

Stacked machines

Does your apartment have a narrow area for laundry? Consider stacked machines. Stacked machines save space and install easily in narrow areas such as a closet or a corner in your kitchen. If you’re opting for side-by-side machines, will you choose front-loading or top-loading?Tip from the Pros: To make the chore of doing laundry a little easier, install washer and dryers so the doors open opposite of each other. This way moving clothes from the washer to the dryer will be seamless.

Front-loading machines

Front load machines give you the option of adding a countertop for a folding and sorting area. They can be easily installed in a kitchen under a counter or in the kitchen island. Tip from the Pros: Don’t rest the countertop directly on the appliances. Instead, mount the table top securely onto the wall or a separate frame.

Top-loading machines

Top-loading machines are the most economically friendly, depending on the shape and size of your space. Their low price point makes them apartment owner’s favorite choice. To accommodate storage for your detergents, softeners, and stain removers, you may consider adding shelving above top-loading machines. Tip from the Pros: Add a drying area above your units. Suspend a rod about 3.5 feet above the washer and dryer and 12 inches out from the wall.

The laundry room will get used often and you want it to be a space that’s functional. Choosing the right appliances is the first step towards a successful and well-designed space. We hope you enjoyed these Apartment Laundry Rooms tips. Have fun designing your space!