How to SAVE your Marriage with a Remodel

By Danielle Miller

25 July 2013 2minutes

We’ve all been through the headache of choosing something, then crossing our fingers hoping it was a good decision. Now add to that a lifetime partner (that you probably want to keep) and the potential of making a bad decision becomes a full blown migraine.

So. What’s the best, anxiety free solution?

Simple. Think back to when you got married and a wedding planner helped you organize your thoughts, settle your differences and eventually create your perfect wedding. Remember how they were able to seamlessly incorporate your love of lilies with his love of Eli Manning?

In short, we’re here to help you renovate your relationship as well as your home.

Save Marriage


Start by selecting your style:

• Contemporary
• Modern
• Traditional
• Mediterranean
• Tropical

Or, all of the above


Next, each of you creates an “idea book” around that style.

Then, (drumroll) let the professional work the kind of magic you once thought only existed between the two of you behind locked doors. They’ll find the “overlapping parts” within the two books you’ve provided them.

That’s it. Simple. No arguing. No crying. No dialing 1-800-Divorce.

Do you have any stories to share about your remodeling issues with your significant other?

Share it with us below.