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Kitchen Countertops NYC

By Danielle Miller

14 December 2015 3minutes

Solid Surface Countertops

September 7, 2011

In New York City apartments, the kitchen is an integral part of the overall home. The kitchen is, after all, where meals are prepared, and moreover, it’s very often a gathering space. New York City kitchens, however, are often not as large as we’d hope they could be, and therefore we are challenged to make the most of our space and to have the most efficient, productive kitchen possible. One major way to improve and get the most out of your space is to have great countertops.

As counter space is often limited in city apartments, the New York City homeowner desires countertops that are dependable, efficient, and are relatively easy to keep clean. Meals are often both prepared and served on the same countertop space, and kitchen items are also commonly stored atop countertops. To make the most of a kitchen space, fine countertops are nearly a requirement.

Solid surface countertops are the ultimate in fine countertops. Installation of solid surface countertops will improve the functionality of your kitchen. Because of their longevity, their ease of upkeep, and their high customization potential, solid surface countertops are the top choice for many looking to redesign or improve their New York City kitchen space.

Solid surface countertops are especially durable and often outlast even the cabinetry below them. Made with resistant materials, damage to solid surface counter tops is rare. However, when damage does occur, due to the uniform materials used throughout solid surface countertops, it’s incredibly easy to replace one portion of the countertop without sacrificing the entire piece. Because of this, the long-term value of a redesign that involves such countertops is extremely high.

In all kitchens – small and large – cleanliness is key. Due to their size and proximity to the rest of the living space, in New York City kitchens, it’s especially important to keep a clean, spotless space. Without the partitioning of the surface you might get in other countertops, solid surface countertops offer ease when cleaning. Because there are no cracks between tiles, food and bacteria cannot collect within them. Further, the cleanup after meal preparation or meal serving is delightfully simple in these counters. Cleaning solid surface countertops generally requires no more than a gentle cleanser or plain water, saving you time and concern, and taking fumes of harsh cleaners out of your airspace.

Beyond their easy day-to-day upkeep, solid surface countertops also have easy prolonged maintenance prospects. There is no seal or special chemical coating required for these countertops, eliminating the concern associated with initial install and upkeep. The materials used to make such countertop spaces are in general largely scratch resistant, and therefore sanding and other surface repair common to other materials is not necessary.

Solid surface countertops are available in a seemingly endless variety of colors and textures, making them customizable to almost any space. Whether your kitchen is dark or light, colorful or monochrome, a solid surface countertop is waiting for you – as is its dependability, durability, cleanliness, and simple maintenance.