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Kitchen Design Trends: Eclectic Kitchens

By Tiffany Smolick


Eclectic kitchens.  Although we all want to believe that we love them, or at least love looking at them, very few people actually follow through with a true eclectic kitchen design.

The reasons few venture into the eclectic kitchen could be the higher cost of hard to find appliances, or that one-of-a-kind handmade tile, or a finish that requires a local artist’s eyes-on touch.

Here are a few examples of eclectic kitchens that might hope to inspire anybody looking to renovate and take the plunge in true New York style to having a kitchen that would make even the most jaded style gurus of the city wagging their tongues with envy!

1.)  Aquarium


2.)  Townhouse


3.)  Future


4.)  Neon


5.)  Wood


6.)  Look Ma, No Handles


7.)  Cave


8.)  Arabia


9.)  Country


10.)  Station


Boring has never been a word used to describe New York City, but to stand out in a city of millions, boring can often be used indiscriminately to describe those things that do not provide “wow” factor.  It is fun to feel special, why not let your kitchen feel special too? Whether you choose to have an aquarium or cave in your kitchen, or a futuristic all-in-one kitchen station, you will never be called “boring!”

Hopefully these few ideas will be an inspiration for you in your next renovation project.  Keep eclecticism a commodity here in the big city! Being eclectic is always good here!


photo credits:

arabian, wood, no handles courtesy of www.housetohome.co.uk

townhouses and country courtesy of www.roomenvy.co.uk

neon courtesy of www.indulgy.com

futuristic courtesy of www.fromwoman.com

aquarium courtesy of Rene van Dogen

station courtesy of www.dornob.com