Trending Now: Nude Toned Bathrooms

By Danielle Miller

13 October 2021 3minutes

If you are seeking to remodel your NYC apartment bathroom into something that is trendy but, timeless and forever eye-catching, look no further than the popular neutral tone. Nude color palettes are popping up more frequently in remodel requests, and for a good reason! Our talented Interior Designer, Esther Trattner, gave the rundown on all the best practices for renovating your bathroom into a neutral yet stylish space you will love for years to come.

Nude Bathroom Basics

Nude baths are all about creating a soft, natural environment. Choose one nude shade as a starting point, and then add items that are darker or lighter within the same shade. There are many shades of nude; from light to dark with pink, terracotta, gold and mocha undertones.

Nude Toned Bathrooms
Unique pink-toned textured tiles, gold hardware, gold-toned marble look floor and shower wall tiles all add visual interest and make this low contrast nude bathroom warm and inviting.

Avoid Contrast In Nude Bathrooms

In general, we tend to avoid very dark cabinetry in a light nude bathroom. You’ll want to avoid harsh contrast between walls, cabinetry and hardware and aim for a more tone-on-tone approach Gold, brass, and bronze hardware is warmer and offers a less contrast with a nude color scheme than black and chrome fixtures. 

Nude Toned Bathrooms
A concrete-look counter with soft texture, natural walnut vanity and griege and white hexagon floor tiles in a range of shades create a soft nude bathroom with plenty of visual texture. Brushed satin nickel fixtures blend in with this light color scheme.

How To Use Natural Light In Nude Bathrooms

Selecting the right nude shade in the bathroom depends on how light or dark you want the overall color scheme to be – and the amount of natural light in the bathroom. Bathrooms with lots of natural light can accommodate nudes in more saturated shades, while bathrooms with less natural light would do best with softer shades to avoid looking garish under strong LED lighting. We recommend that LED lights be dimmable for a nude bathroom to look its best and be most comfortable to use – which is what it’s all about!

The streaky satin tile in this bathroom flows beautifully along the floor, wall, and behind the horizontal-grained vanity. This vanity is in the gold nude family and would look equally good with chrome or brass hardware. Bronze picture frames bring in more of the natural brown tones to keep things warm and bright.

Nude Bathroom Accents & Materials

We would pair a light nude bathroom with lighter wood tones, such as natural stained walnut, maple or even teak for a bright mid-century modern wood tone that works well with brass and gold hardware. Because there shouldn’t be as much color contrast in a nude bathroom, the visual interest comes from texture. Handmade tile, a concrete sink, off-white tub, or a wood vanity with visible grain can all add layers of visual and tactile texture. Use a light hand with textures in permanent fixtures, and don’t forget that texture can also come from simple decorative items like flowers, countertop items and linens.

Bathroom Remodel Made Possible

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