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Popular Bathroom Color Trends

By Tiffany Smolick


Popular Bathroom Color Trends

February 20, 2013

More color, less white–that is the latest mantra from bathroom remodeling industry experts analyzing the newest trends in bathroom design and aesthetics.

Although white and other neutral colors like beige and cream will still be considered a base color for bathrooms, the idea now is to accent that traditional white with bright, colorful accents. Instead of relying on “safe” colors, bathroom designers are now leaning towards dangerously bold palettes involving fun, cheerful shades of vivid violet, vibrant peach and Caribbean Sea turquoise.

Reinventing color combinations without compromising on a bathroom’s elegance and functionality also comprises the latest bathroom color trends. Termed “color forecasting”, this type of reinvention focuses on achieving a clean, original feeling without neglecting the colors that mesh with a homeowner’s personal preferences.

Shades of natural water sources like lakes, springs and oceans are trending as well. Effervescent and glimmering shades of indigo, lavender, green and coral create a warm, balanced ambience when incorporated in a newly renovated bathroom. Peaceful hues of whitish-brown sand that reminds one of faraway, sunlit shores are often blended with water-based shades of aqua and blue.

For homeowners who prefer to change the appearance of their bathroom according to the seasons, bathroom designers suggest updating the existing color with changing accessories like rugs, towels and window treatments to match the season. Make your bathroom come alive in the summer with exciting flamingo pinks and lush forest greens; tone it down in the winter with varying shades of browns, whites and quiet blues.

Iridescent bathroom tiles shimmering with an opalescent sheen in soft light create bathrooms that are timeless and elegant. Designers are further enhancing this trend by adding touches of metallic raspberry, gold and green, a soothing combination of hues that also promotes proper skin tone and the ability to apply the perfect amount of cosmetics.

Fabrics are steadily joining the trend for decorating a bathroom with colorful, innovative accessories. Shower curtains made from fabrics instead of plastic are all the rage now, with many remodeled bathrooms featuring matching window treatments and shower curtains that compliment seasonal discrepancies.

Designers are also experimenting with dark colors and light fixtures that provide bright yet warm illumination. Small, chandelier-type light fixtures combines with recessed lighting installed above vanities is turning up more and more on bathroom designer’s “wish” lists.
For more ideas and professional advice regarding the latest in bathroom color trends, contact a MyHome representative for an in-depth discussion regarding your bathroom renovation plans.