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By Tiffany Smolick


You may be as smart as your kitchen today, but will you be as smart as your kitchen tomorrow?

Kitchen Future

Uncertain what to make your family for dinner tonight? Now, you can call on your kitchen for the answer. kitchens of the future are automated and allow you to know what’s in the refrigerator and cupboards without having to open them up. Smart appliances can even suggest recipes and generate shopping lists based on what’s on hand.New features unlock possibilities for the way your kitchen is run. With automated appliances, users can:

  • research recipes,
  • check to see which ingredients you already have at home,
  • make a grocery list,
  • send your shopping list to a delivery service
  • set up home delivery,
  • preheat your oven,
  • make wine recommendations,
  • and allow you to watch a step-by-step video while cooking.

The kitchen will soon be the smartest room in the house with these new smart appliances..

smart kitchen

Smart Appliances: Adding a Dash of Automation in the Kitchen

Kitchen computerization is the way of the future.  Many manufactures are now adding in automation and designing complete smart kitchens. You can fully automate and link your refrigerator, coffee makers, faucets and cook tops.

From cooking to housework, automated appliances have long been an image of the future. While we haven’t gotten to an age where robot maids and flying cars are the most popular, but you might be surprised at just what is available on the market.

Conduction Stovetop With Built-In Touchscreen

Stovetops are now available which use conduction to heat pots and pans. This technology heats metal pots while leaving the stovetop cool to the touch.

Bonus features like a built in touchscreen mean you can pull up your cookbook or recipes right on stovetop while you’re cooking. The touchscreen cooking surface lets home owners browse the internet for recipes or pin what they’re cooking to Pinterest with a single swipe.

Voice-activated Wi-Fi Connected Refrigerator

While you’re having fun cooking on your touchscreen stove, you can set up your refrigerator to make and receive calls from a voice-activated Wi-Fi screen embedded in the fridge. The manufacturers hope this new modern fridge will become the centerpiece of the kitchen. With this Smart fridge, you can even beam TV shows from other rooms directly to its screen.

smart kitchen appliances

The New Smart Oven

The new smart cooking range and oven does all the thinking for you. The smart oven sends data over Wi-Fi to a centralized computer which allows you to preheat your oven, set timer alerts, change the oven temperature and has capability to tell the oven to heat up or cool down.

Apps for the Kitchen: Home Chat

Home chat allows you to talk to your appliances through your mobile device. Home chat is an app to help you operate your smart home appliances by allowing them to talk back to you. The homeowner can send a text message to their fridge, and the app allows your smart fridge to send one back.

With this new smart technology you can text your coffee maker from work to find out what kind of espresso beans are already ground. If you like the answer the coffee machine sends back, you can ask it to have a cup ready when you return home.

Energy Management with Smart Appliances

Some manufacturers are offering smart appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers that can connect to your home’s energy management systems. This gives homeowners the ability to automatically shut off electricity during off-peak hours.

white smart kitchen

Smart appliances don’t just turn off; they use subtle ways to shift energy use. For example, your refrigerator can delay it’s defrost cycle until the middle of the night allowing you save on your utility bill.

Such small changes may be inconspicuous to you, but they could add up to significant savings on your utility bill. Smart appliances work best when linked to systems integrated with the appliances’ internal controls because it will allow for such things as power-down settings, rather than a simple on-off switch.

What amazing and innovative kitchen ideas will they dream up next? As the kitchen evolves into a smart and interactive area of the home, we can kick back and reap the benefits of money saved and meals cooked.

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We hope you found this bit of information helpful, inspiring, and motivating toward making plans for your kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling.

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