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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

By Tiffany Smolick


spring cleaning apartment

Spring isn’t just a time for warmer, albeit, moody, weather, it’s also a time for renewal, regrowth and some serious purging.  This time of year is the driving force behind people everywhere taking to their homes and cleaning everything!

There are rooms in the home that invite more clutter and mess than others.  While de-cluttering and cleaning feel great in general, it can feel even better and more productive to tackle these rooms first.

So, find that perfect “spring cleaning” playlist on Spotify and arm yourself with the appropriate spring cleaning outfit because today we’re going up against … the kitchen.

Keep it Fresh

Starting with the refrigerator and cabinets, clean out any food that has gone bad.  If you open a jar and the smell makes your heart skip a beat (and not in a good way), it’s time to chuck it.

Once you’ve gotten rid of any offending and ‘past its due date’ food, remove the items you are going to keep and clean off any stains, crumbs, etc with a good, eco-friendly, multi-purpose cleaner like this one.

Get Organized

Just like your wardrobe, the general rule is “if you haven’t used it in over a year, throw or give it away”. This is especially true for all those great dish towels you purchased at last years annual flea market sale in Brooklyn.

Also, you don’t need all those plastic containers you got from Chinese food Fridays. Perhaps you can bake some treats, pack them up in some of those plastic containers and hand them off to neighbors, family and/or friends.

And for those pot, pans and lids: try finding creative storage ideas that will help you maximize the space better.

Clean off Countertops, Appliances, etc.

If Spring cleaning were a concert, wiping down your counter tops, cleaning out your oven/stove top and other appliances would be the perfect event-ending performance.