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Unique Flooring Ideas For Your City Pad

By Tiffany Smolick


With the Winter weather upon us, the salt and ash being spread around the city can make for a messy situation indoors.  What is meant to keep us safe from spills and falls on the sidewalks of our neighborhoods can turn into messy reminders of just how dirty our floors can get in these bitter cold months.

Our floors require more attention than normal in these months, and in the cleaning and scrubbing process, one can only dream of Summer, a more carefree and less laborious time of year where our floors are taken for granted.

Well, we would like to give you some food for thought; some unique ideas for you to ponder the next time you are on your hands and needs scrubbing away to clean your dirty Winter floors.  As you are sweeping, mopping, or wiping your surfaces, try to imagine what your floors could look like after your next home renovation project.

Forget what you know about parquet flooring, or even the coolest tile designs.  Here are our unique floor designs showcased this week to give you that much needed inspiration:

1.  Acid-stained concrete, unique flooring at its best


2.  Epoxy, self-leveling colors


3.  Modern inlay techniques


4.  Vinyl, image treatments.  Unique flooring ideas you can customize with your own image!


5.  Recycled leather, in this photo, belts!  Unique and over the top


6.  Etched concrete


7.  Etched wood


8.  Reclaimed wood


These unique flooring ideas are just a few of the many many techniques offered and being developed today by trending companies around the world.

The next time you are on your hands and knees cursing the salt trucks in your neighborhood, think of us and the ideas presented here.  You may not be able to prevent your floors from getting dirty, but you can certainly make the cleanup process more enjoyably as you watch before your eyes your unique and amazing new floors come alive with each wipe!

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