NYC Renovation FAQs

Renovation Basics Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a project started with MyHome?

It all starts with a Free Design Consultation, which you can register for by filling out the form on the right.


Who will manage my project? Will they be available to answer my questions? Will they be on the job site regularly?

We assign a Project Manager to every project we work on to ensure it is properly managed. The Project Manager is a MyHome employee who is responsible for every phase of your remodeling project once the Remodeling Consultant has completed the design, layout and has ordered your materials. Our Project Managers personally know and meet with all the trades’ people who will be working in your home. He or she manages and constantly inspects all work done by our trades’ people during construction. The Project Manager is either present everyday for part of the day while the project is ongoing or is in contact with the trades’ people everyday to insure the project is running smoothly. The Project Manager is available to you by phone and email at all times.


I need to stay within a budget for my project. Can MyHome work within that budget and help me maintain it?

Maybe. It depends upon what your budget is. During your Free Design Consultation the Remodeling Consultant should be able to tell you if we can work within your budget, and whether your budgetary expectations are reasonable or not. Once we set your budget and prepare a labor proposal, we keep to the price we quote you. And, because our team is knowledgeable about the products you need, we’ll be able to show you materials that should keep you within your budget.


How do I know if I need an architect?

As a simple rule of thumb, if you are removing or adding any walls inside or outside of the structure, you will need an architect to prepare drawings. We can provide all the design services you need in-house, but if and when a licensed architect needs to sign off, we will use one of the architects in our network. This will depend on whether you need a permit from your local building department, or if you live in an apartment building – whether the building management requires that the plans be prepared by a licensed architect.


Once I sign a contract, how long will it take to begin work?

We can start the design process usually within a day or two after an agreement is finalized. The design process and material selection can take quite a bit of time, so the sooner we start, the better it is for you.


Who will take care of securing permits?

We will assist you in the process. It is ultimately your responsibility to pay for the permits and all related fees, but we can help by preparing the paperwork required on our end and guide you through the rest. Building permits require an architect’s drawings, various plans, and other documentation. All of these items must be submitted by an expediter. We can hire these professionals on your behalf and oversee the process, or you may do it on your own if you prefer.


How can I prepare my home for the project?

It will depend upon the scope of work. You will be instructed by your Remodeling Consultant as to what exact steps you need to take. But, generally speaking, you’ll want to clear out the area being worked on of all your personal belongings that can be removed. Although, we cover the areas surrounding our work area, you’ll want to protect your furniture from dust with plastic and/or sheets.


Can I live in my home during renovation?

That depends on the scope of the project, and quite frankly, your tolerance for inconveniences. If you live on-site during a renovation, you will be inconvenienced. We typically recommend that people make alternate living arrangements during the main construction, because you will see dust, debris, workers going in and out, you will hear loud noises, and see people ripping apart what is probably your most prized possession. You may also be without certain comforts like bathroom facilities for part of the time. This can be quite disturbing to most people.


Can I leave my belongings in my home during the renovation?

Yes, but we recommend that you remove everything possible – especially your most important possessions. Although we take extreme precautions to protect your belongings, dust flies everywhere during construction. And, much of it is microscopic so no matter what we (or you) do to protect them, your belongings will get dust particles on and in them.


What measures will be taken to protect my home from dust and debris that result from construction?

We cover floors with either rosin paper or Masonite, depending on the circumstances and we block off the areas surrounding the construction area with heavy gauge plastic sheets. We also cover furniture in the surrounding area to protect it as much as possible.