NYC Green Flooring

Green / Environmentally Friendly Flooring

More and more homeowners are turning to green home renovation materials both because of concerns for the environment and for their home’s indoor air quality. Luckily, there are now a wide variety of recycled, reclaimed, sustainable, or non-toxic NYC flooring products for you to choose from for your New York, New Jersey or Connecticut home renovation.

As the leading supplier in the home renovation industry we can deliver any type of NYC flooring from any manufacturer. Please browse through our well-known green flooring manufacturers on this site or visit one of our three showrooms to find the perfect floor for your home. If there’s something you don’t see here or in our showrooms, just ask us and we’ll find it for you.

Types of Green Flooring

Type 01
Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is now considered a popular green NYC flooring material that is at once practical, beautiful and highly sustainable. Bamboo, a wood substitute, matures in just three years (compared to the decades needed for a tree like oak or maple). And since the bamboo plant regenerates without replanting and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides that means no more added chemicals or costly labor. Bamboo is tougher than oak so you don’t need to worry about it not standing up to an active family’s lifestyle. Bamboo plank NYC flooring boasts a fresh look for homes across the tri-state area.

Type 02
Palm Flooring

Coconut palm flooring, like bamboo, is a sustainable wood that makes a fantastic choice for the eco-savvy homeowner. And since there are over 150 of this sustainable species growing in regions as diverse as Southeast Asia to and Central America, many green home designers are looking to palm wood products as yet another tool in their palette.

Type 03
Cork Flooring

Cork is a lightweight viably sustainable flooring product because no cork trees are destroyed in the process: the bark is merely peeled back without harming the tree. Nine years later, after the cork bark has re-grown, it can be harvested again. Cork flooring offers a warm look in tones ranging from honey to red to chocolate to black. Its honeycomb structure reduces the transmission of sound, vibration, and heat, making it a great insulator as well. Finally, a naturally occurring substance in cork called Suberin resists bugs, mold, mites and termites.

Type 04
Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is just like regular solid hardwood flooring except the planks are salvaged from older buildings. Sanded, refinished and cut to precise specifications, this older wood offers a warm and seasoned look for the sophisticated homeowner. And since the wood is essentially “recycled”, you can rest easy knowing no additional trees have been destroyed for your home’s renovation.

Type 05
Engineered Stone Flooring

Engineered stone, essentially a composite of stone chips, stone dust and a resin binder, is considered eco-friendly because it is essentially a recycled stone product. Engineered stone’s look isn’t so different from natural stone, so you can enjoy the sumptuous look of stone without harvesting a non-renewable resource.