NYC Home Renovation Project

Testimonials and Professional References

May 4, 2006

353 West 48th Street
MyHome Renovations
New York, NY 10036

To whom it may concern,

I recently had the pleasure of completing a home renovation project for my two-bedroom condominium with MyHome. I had the kitchen and bathroom remodeled, the entire condo painted, and the floors refinished. I also had my closets redesigned and constructed. In addition I had new light fixtures and several accessories, such as window blinds and drapery hardware installed. Working with the Remodeling Consultant, Kathy Cameron, and the Project Manger, Jesse Rabinowitz, was a joy.

Kathy used her considerable knowledge of design and materials to help me reach my goal of having a really beautiful kitchen and bathroom. She also used her apparently limitless reserves of patience, understanding and sense of humor to help me through the design process. Kathy took the time to ensure that every choice was right for my goal (and my pocketbook), and she had the courage (and the sense) to tell me when I was headed in the wrong the direction.

Jesse, too, was wonderful. His patience and efficiency went a long way towards easing my concerns about the major work that was being done. He obviously has great rapport with the contractors and ensured that any problems that arose were promptly solved. Probably just as important, he listened to my issues respectfully and addressed them immediately. Oh, and everyone LOVES the handles he picked for the closet doors in the bedrooms!

As a result of Kathy’s and Jesse’s work, I have an apartment that I love and which (probably just as important) has impressed friends and family. I have received rave reviews on the apartment, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. That, after all, is really why we go through months of dust and displacement (and smaller bank accounts) – so everyone else will be jealous!

Thank You!

Lisa Marie White

cc: K. Cameron, J. Rabinowitz

P.S.: Please feel free to use any portion of this letter as a reference. I do have some complaints, which I address in a separate letter, which is attached.