NYC Renovations

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December 30, 2004

Dearest Yoel,

Everyone who does renovations in New York City ultimately has some horror story about how the contractor didn’t show up, the work didn’t happen, the business went bust and they lost their deposit, the job got started and never got finished and on and on.

Friends and neighbors ask me how my renovations went and of course they are expecting a horror story or two and when I just smile, they are confused.

I tell them that my renovation experience could not have been more smooth and more wonderful except of course for the grout dust, wood dust, plaster dust and losing my kitchen for 2 months and my bathroom for 5 weeks.

Sometimes people ask me how much I paid, and sometimes if they are good friends I tell them. They are a little shocked, but when I tell them my experience, they understand it was worth it.

Everybody who sees my kitchen LOVES it. I have a grouchy friend who just thought it was fabulous.

I can’t thank you enough for everything. There are so many wonderful things that you did that it’s hard to even list them but here are a few that I remember… the kitchen cabinet ordered was too big and you just called Allon and ordered a smaller one! There was a scratch in the countertop so it was removed and fixed. And the kitchen window and all my changes and then finally back to what you recommended. But you never got irritated, and just did what I wanted. I really felt like a princess the whole time.

And then when the bathroom started, I had completely forgotten what Beth and I had agreed on for a floor pattern so when the "right" materials came and I said they were wrong, they were sent back and what I requested (which was different) was ordered. I even made some changes as the floor was being put in and those changes were made. Walter was real a mensch about everything. And then there was the medicine cabinet that he changed twice because of me. I think at that point, I was driving him crazy, but it was my bathroom and he wanted it to be like I wanted it.

And then when I asked if we could reconsider the cost of the window and steam pipe, you reduced it by a generous amount. And when I requested to pay most of the balance and then pay the remainder when all the work was done, you agreed to that too!

So now that everything is almost done except for a few little things, my kitchen and bathroom look spectacular. There isn’t one thing I wish I had done differently. Your help, consistent communication and sense of humor made this experience for me so lovely, that I needed to let you know in writing.

I, of course, will not hesitate for a second to recommend MyHome as a superb, honest, professional company whose attention to its customers is amazing. Thank you for everything.

I’ll still have to stop by and say hi even though our renovation relationship is over (at least for now!).