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Why You Should Choose Engineered Quartz For Your NYC Kitchen

By Tiffany Smolick


Quartz continues to grow in popularity as a countertop material in the NYC kitchen remodeling world. Specifically, homeowners are over and over choosing Engineered Quartz in order to tap into their creativity. This material offers an array of benefits that keep designers and clients thrilled with the renovation results. 

What Is Engineered Quartz?

Engineered quartz is a man-made material created with approximately 90 percent ground quartz, marble, granite, and other stone. The remainder of the mixture is a combination of resins and pigments. A majority of engineered quartz slabs are made of almost 100% natural materials.

kitchen engineered quartz

Colorful Countertop Options

This popular countertop material is chosen because of its color, appearance, and texture options. Remodeling contractors and their clients enjoy creating unique kitchen designs with engineered quartz. Utilizing this medium for your kitchen allows homeowners to create the space of their dreams. There are much fewer limitations on styling as compared to other countertop materials.

Cost-Efficient Remodeling Material 

A second benefit to choosing engineered quartz countertops is the cost. It has been a slightly more affordable option for many years but has even begun to drop in price recently over the years. It is manufactured by more and more companies as the increase in demand grows. As it becomes one of the most desired countertops, this trend is expected to continue.

Going Green For Your Renovation

A fun fact about engineered quartz is that it is a more or less eco-friendly material! The mixture of natural stones and such that are used to create it is all waste by-products of other mining or quarrying practices. If you are looking towards recycled materials for your remodel, this might be a good option! Discuss with your remodeling consultant what companies are offering the most “green” engineered quartz.

white kitchen engineered quartz

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