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Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Perfect Lit-Up Space

By Tiffany Smolick


December 21, 2022

Brighten up with these bedroom lighting ideas.

Your bedroom should reflect a space for rest and relaxation, which often includes proper lighting. Most of us use our bedrooms for more than just sleep. Dressing, reading, and watching TV are common bedroom activities that all require different bedroom lighting ideas.

All bedrooms are not the same, meaning that each needs a distinctive lighting plan. Below you’ll see our top lighting ideas.

Light up the ceiling with recessed lights

Looking for bedroom ceiling light ideas? Ambient Lighting is typically the primary light source in a room. One trendy bedroom lighting design involves recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is a lighting fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. Two particularly clever uses for recessed lighting are highlighting art or placing the light right above your bed for reading.

One advantage of installing recessed lighting is that it can be used on floors or ceilings to create a beam of light as opposed to an overall glow from a light fixture such as a ceiling fan.

Pendant lights and lamps

Don’t overlook task lighting opportunities when searching for ideas for bedroom lighting. Task lighting is lighting that focuses on the space you use for activities. For example, consider a floor lamp or table lamp overlooking a chair or resting over your nightstand. Pendant lamps and lights are also very functional and can save space by allowing you to use your furniture for other items.

Get stylish with wall sconces

A very stylish trend in bedroom lighting design is wall sconces. Mounted on either side of your bed, wall sconces are a classic way to frame your bed. Wall sconces are very functional and can save space by allowing you to use your furniture for accessories instead of lamps. There are a good variety of scones, so you’ll easily find one to match your style whether it be vintage or contemporary.

Highlight your bedroom with accent lights

Use decorative lighting to create an ambiance or highlight a certain area in your bedroom. When it comes to master bedroom lighting ideas, some examples of decorative accent lighting would include Christmas lights around your bed frame, a nightlight behind your nightstand, or track/spotlights.

If your bedroom has cool art or features, use a track or spotlight pointed directly at it to draw attention to it.

Tip: Your accent and task lighting should use warm color light bulbs that match your ambient lights. Set up your lighting on a dimmer switch so that you can set the ambiance to whatever you like.

Mix it up

If your bedroom is large enough, you can mix up your lighting and include a few of the options above. Coordinating different types of bedroom lighting ideas can enhance specific areas without neglecting other areas of your bedroom.

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