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Kitchen Design Trends: The Subtle Beauty of Slate Appliances

By Tiffany Smolick

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Homeowners are cooking up something new in their kitchens. After years of pulling back and spending less on renovations and remodels, new kitchen design trends are emerging. Slate appliances are quickly gaining popularity in kitchens across the country.

Kitchen Design Trends: The Beauty of Slate Appliances by MyHomeUs.com
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The desire for modern and contemporary designs is softening. Shiny stainless steel and creatively colorful appliances have lost their luster. Incorporating the latest design trends like matte or slate appliances can give your kitchen the fresh look you’re looking for.

Swapping Stainless Steel for Slate Appliances

Steel  Appliances
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Slate Appliances vs. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances grew popular in kitchen designs in recent years. Last millennium, the most popular appliances were all white. Then came the stainless steel appliance craze. Despite stainless steel’s popularity, not everyone is looking to replace their appliances with stainless.

Appliance manufacturers are now providing homeowners with new, fresh choices of finishes for their kitchen appliances. Offerings have even been advertised as the “new stainless steel.”

Steel  Appliances
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The new colors and finishes, though not as colorful as the avocado-green or white of previous eras, blend in with their surroundings rather than stand out like a trophy of technology the way shiny stainless steel does.

Introducing a new finish is always a gamble. No manufacturer is weaning off stainless steel completely. It’s too durable and versatile to be forgotten. However, there is a growing feeling that stainless steel’s popularity is running into overtime.

Slate finish a Growing Trend by MyHomeUs.com
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Matte or Slate Appliances?

This new color is just as trendy and chic as stainless steel, but with a strong, simple feel. With a sophisticated and modern twist to a timeless new finish that exquisitely blends in, to help your design truly stand out.

Matte Appliances
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The new slate appliances reflect, in part, the kitchen’s changing role in the home. With an open floor plan, the kitchen functions as the center of unwinding and entertaining family.

Slate appliances with white kitchen cabinets have a very modern aesthetic. Matte black and brushed metal finish not only keep the dirt and fingerprints inconspicuous but they also look is gorgeous. Whether your kitchen design is all white or filled with wood finishes, Black Stainless Steel will fit your kitchen design like a glove.

Slate Appliances Gains Popularity

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Whether you’re cooking or just hanging out in your kitchen your experience should be a pleasurable affair rather than a boring, strenuous one. Slate appliances kitchens have been perfected to the minutest detail with substantial thought given to every aspect of design, from the kitchen hardware to the stove and plumbing fixtures. Its true beauty lies in the fact that all of its features merge perfectly into a functioning kitchen combining quality, comfort, and beautiful aesthetics; which make for a very versatile kitchen.

We hope you found this bit of information helpful, inspiring, and motivating in making plans to renovate your kitchen and bathroom.

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