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New York Bathroom Showroom

By Tiffany Smolick


Finding Inspiration at a New York Bathroom Showroom

August 25, 2010

Where do you look for inspiration when designing your bathroom renovation? A bathroom design magazine or home renovation website? You may be missing the best inspiration source of all: a New York bathroom showroom.

A trip to a New York bathroom showroom will quickly tell you about the latest trends in bathroom design and also allows you to preview the latest bathroom products available. Where else can you take a look at the newest massage tubs, integrated shower systems, low-flush or luxury toilets, floating or vessel sinks and high end bathroom furniture—all in one place? You’ll even find countless samples of flooring, countertops, faucet sets and other plumbing fixtures—even windows and mirrors. Products are displayed individually or as a complete bathroom design so that you can get some ideas about how your new bathroom might ultimately come together.

If you’re still in the information-gathering phase, a trip to a bathroom showroom is invaluable: a showroom’s staff is prepared to answer questions about the pros and cons of each of the products displayed. They’ll even help you decide which toilet works best alongside which sink or tub.

But a comprehensive New York bathroom showroom is much more than a mere showcase for new products. A showroom is also an excellent resource for your entire bathroom remodeling needs from design services to contracting to clean-up services. Showrooms like MyHome’s Midtown Manhattan location serve as a hub for both consumers and providers invested in the bathroom renovation industry.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your options for your bathroom renovation, are a dedicated “do-it-yourselfer” looking for ideas and reliable products, or are anxious to begin designing and constructing your brand in-home spa, a trip to a New York bathroom showroom is a fabulous place to start.

Regardless of what your goal is for your bathroom remodeling project, MyHome’s knowledgeable architects and craftsmen can help you enhance your New York home.