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NJ Bathroom Showroom

By Tiffany Smolick


New Jersey Bathroom Showroom: A Great Resource

September 13, 2010

Why should you make a trip to a New Jersey bathroom showroom before beginning a renovation project? First of all, Bathroom showrooms highlight the latest products and materials so you can preview items you’ve seen in magazines or online before purchasing. But you can also get some needed inspiration as you plan your renovation: New Jersey showrooms are designed by interior decorators and home renovation experts and display innovative configurations and colors as well as the latest in decorating trends.

You’ll get a chance to look at the newest toilets (like self-cleaning Japanese models), sinks, vanities, shower systems, faucets, fixtures, wall covering and flooring.

For example, a simple exploration of the sinks, vanities, basins and pedestals available from a NJ bathroom showroom illustrates the new trend of decorating bathrooms based on themes and even on “eras”. Many are choosing to model bathrooms to look like vintage spaces and include tubs with antique-style plumbing, tiles colored in old-fashioned tones, and sinks created from old molds and designs.

Most New Jersey bathroom showrooms will instantly appeal to visitors who appreciate style and high quality presentation, but these specialty locations offer a lot more: a New Jersey bathroom showroom is a one-stop shop meant to provide access to the professionals and information necessary for all bathroom renovations. Many showrooms often provide design services, connect customers with reliable and trustworthy contractors, plumbers and clean up crews and really want to work with their clients to create a pleasurable home renovation experience.

If a homeowner is more of a “do-it-yourself” type seeking inspiration, information, and a good supply source for high quality products, then a New Jersey bathroom showroom is a great resource. Most showroom staff members are well aware that not everyone is going to schedule a bathroom installation or restoration, and they are more than happy to answer questions and provide information about the many items and materials shown in their displays.

Whether someone is looking for complete design and installation services, or whether they’re looking for some inspiration and expert answers, a New Jersey bathroom showroom is a great place to begin.