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NYC Bathroom Design Ideas

By Tiffany Smolick


Elegant Design Ideas for the Bathroom

August 22, 2012

While most of us do not have the resources to renovate a bathroom with marble floors, crystal chandeliers, stained-glass windows and gold-plated fixtures, there are design ideas that can transform your bathroom from plain to spectacular without requiring you to clean out your bank account. For example, smaller bathrooms can be made to appear larger and more luxurious by placing gold or silver-framed mirrors on cabinet doors or on walls. Reflection of natural or artificial lighting by these mirrors brightens a small bathroom and gives the illusion of spaciousness as well as elegance.

Ceramic bathroom tiles come in a wide variety of colors and designs that provide style, brightness and charm to any bathroom remodeling project. Tiles with gently textured surfaces are also available to provide not only a slip-free bathroom but also a bathroom with a unique, rustic look that can be complemented with dark wood cabinets and antique-style fixtures. For a more eclectic appearance, have your bathroom remodeling technicians install tile halfway up the walls and decorate the upper walls with paint or wallpaper. Contrasting colors will also add a dramatic flair to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is large enough, consider installing one or two graceful pedestal sinks under a window to enjoy the natural illumination during the day. Additionally, as an affordable alternative to vanities that contain sinks, petite pedestal sinks are perfect for smaller bathrooms and effectively streamline the limited space comprising small bathroom. One of the newest trends in decorative bathroom sinks is having a beautiful china, blown glass or porcelain bowl sitting on top of a bathroom vanity or counter. Claw-feet tubs and wrought-iron lighting fixtures enhance the charming, old-world quality of this kind of design scheme.

Bathroom lighting fixtures have evolved from light bulbs concealed behind frosted glass coverings to mini-chandeliers, wall sconces and lights operated with dimmer switches to give your bathroom experience a warm, cozy glow. When deciding what kind of lighting you want in your remodeled bathroom, you might considered the following:
The size of your bathroom (how many light fixtures will you need?)
How much natural light enters your bathroom during the day?
Where should light fixtures be placed to provide maximum illumination?
What style of light fixture integrates seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom’s décor?

Improperly placed light fixtures in any size bathroom can create shadows that inhibit your ability to attend to personal hygiene and apply cosmetics. If you are not sure about the dimensions of your bathroom and where light fixtures should be place, a MyHome project manager can assist you in resolving this issue so that you benefit from flawless lighting in your new bathroom.

The design and make of your bathroom faucets can either dim or enhance the appearance of a pedestal sink or vanity. Bathroom faucets are available in many styles as well as finishes that include chrome, brass, stainless steel, pewter, bronze and painted porcelain. Faucets with separate hot and cold handles are called compression faucets while water flow controlled by a single lever or knob are called mixing faucets.

Accessorizing your newly remodeled bathroom is also an economical way to enhance its elegance. Replace that old shower curtain with a glass door etched with a leaf or flower design. Install stylish,,color-coordinated towel racks instead of plain, white ones that tend to become discolored or dull. To create more space with which to use for décor items, customize the back of vanity cabinet doors with shelves to hold all of your bathroom items and keep your new bathroom sparkling clean and organized.