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NYC Luxury Bathrooms

By Tiffany Smolick


Luxury Bathrooms at an Affordable Price

January 23, 2011

Many of us crave a luxury bathroom: not only does your own spa-like retreat offer a welcome respite from the day’s harried pace, but it also helps increase your home’s resale value. Or does it? In today’s market, real estate agents are now recommending that it doesn’t pay to invest a ton of money in renovating your bathroom if you think you’re going to try to resell it in the near future.

Not only are many people looking to acquire properties at bargain prices but what constitutes luxury is highly individual. Just because the whirlpool tub and custom shower seems worth it to you is no guarantee that your potential buyer is going to pay an extra $30,000. So you may end up losing money. A better approach is to choose a budget New York bathroom renovation that incorporates some high-end design trends. This will boost your resale cost but not so much that it will turn off potential buyers.

Here are some budget-friendly design trends that will make your home shine:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color
Vibrant colors add panache and style to an NYC bathroom. You probably don’t want to add bold colors in permanent fixtures like tubs or sinks, however. Instead use paint – which can easily be repainted – or add color in hardware and lighting fixtures.

Eco-friendly Products
Eco-friendly design (NYC) is all the rage right now. But don’t be afraid of the price tags: there are some inexpensive green products out there that are perfect for a budget Manhattan bathroom renovation. Bamboo and cork flooring, for example, are much less expensive than bamboo cabinetry. These woods offer sustainability and style at an attractive price.

Add Accents
Consider adding simple accents like molding or wainscoting rather than paying for a complete renovation: they’ll give your bathroom a fresh look.

Use Solid Surface Countertops
Wood, concrete, and recycled conglomerate countertops are gracing luxury bathrooms across the country, but you can get an equally sophisticated look at a fraction of the cost. Solid surface countertops for both New York kitchens and bathrooms offer a practical and feasible choice for the budget-conscious.

Creative Cabinetry
NYC bathroom furniture can be quite expensive so consider repurposing old furniture like armoires and dressers to use as storage or even vanities. (Adding a vessel sink atop a refinished dresser can offer a distinctive look as well as a budget alterative.)