4 Popular Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

By Danielle Miller

28 July 2016 3minutes

4 Popular Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

July 20, 2016

What can you do when your kitchen needs improvement, but you don’t want to renovate the entire space? In any other room, you might consider painting an accent wall. In the kitchen, a simple and quick solution is to change the backsplash.

Backsplashes protect kitchen walls from staining. They are especially coveted in the sink and stove areas as these places make the most mess.

Adding a kitchen backsplash is a practical and affordable change that beautifies your space. Think of it as comparable to accessories for your kitchen. A backsplash can change as often as you change your style. Here are some trendy metal and tile backsplash ideas to ensure your kitchen is as fashionable as you are.

1. Natural stone tile

Natural stone tiles include materials such as granite, marble and slate. They are popular because they pair well with any kitchen design. Other benefits include:

• They are affordable and easy to clean

• They offer a designer look

• They don’t have to match to look good

• They are versatile and resilient

Compared to other tiles, natural stone offers a high-end look and unmatched depth of character.

2. Copper and metal backsplashes

A copper or metal backsplash is as gorgeous as it is hard to maintain. Many professional chefs use this style because they have outstanding heat conductivity.

If you’re considering this material, be aware that a copper or metal backsplash naturally discolors over time. It’s a good choice for an evolving home that changes design often.

Copper and metal are popular backsplash colors because they look great against wood cabinetry and paired with stainless steel appliances. To complete the look, you can invest in matching copper or metal cookware to hang around your kitchen.

3. Textured or 3-D stone tile

Textured or 3-D stone backsplashes are affordable and provide an eclectic design. They jazz up an otherwise dull and dreary kitchen. This type of backsplash can prove difficult to clean, but will make up for it with its appeal.

An all-natural design and feel make textured stone a popular choice. With so much variety and different styles to choose from, there’s an option to match any budget, project and preference.

4. Subway tiles

A subway-style tile backsplash is a truly timeless design choice that adds a classic look to the space. This style of kitchen backsplash allows for more flexibility in how you choose to arrange your design. Many professional kitchens choose subway tile backsplashes to complement their spaces’ industrial-chic design.

Subway tiles are classic, durable and easy to clean. They also come in tiles or slabs, so you can get whichever look you want.

Subway-style backsplash tiles come in a variety of sizes and styles. The installation can range from enormously simple to extremely difficult, depending on the material you’ve chosen. While some people like to stick to a straightforward installation, others have fun creating an accent wall.

Kitchen backsplash tile make a big difference

If you feel your kitchen is dull and boring, changing your tile backsplash is one way to make the room uniquely yours.

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