Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

By Tiffany Smolick


Tips for Hiring the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

March 21, 2012

With New York City offering the services of hundreds of bathroom remodelers, how do you know the one you choose is dependable, honest, professional and affordable? One way to begin your search for a good remodeling contract is to do research concerning the reputation of the remodeling company. Find out how long they have been doing business in NYC and whether that company belongs to the Better Business Bureau. You can quickly discover if a contractor has had any unresolved complaints lodged against them by accessing the BBB‘s website and performing a search of that company’s name.

Asking the contractor for past client references is another way to ensure you are paying for the services of a professional and conscientious remodeler. By talking to former customers who had their bathrooms renovated by a this contractor, you can find out information such as:
If the job was completed in a timely manner
If the contractor completed the project within the estimated budget
If there were any major setbacks or problems encountered during the project
If the contractor and crew behaved in a courteous, helpful and respectful manner
If the completed work failed, met or exceeded expectations of the client
If the client would recommend the contractor to family members and friends

New York Home Improvement Contractor License
In the state of New York, a home improvement contractor is required to have a Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) license that legally authorizes him or her to engage in the remodeling, repair and construction of any building or land utilized as a residence. This includes working on patios, terraces, basements, sidewalks and other related items within or adjacent to the home. A kitchen and bathroom contractor is entirely responsible for complying with state laws regarding home improvement as well as any amendments implemented by the city council.

When a contracting business like MyHome can readily provide proof of such licensure, you are assured that a thorough background check has been performed to prevent questionable or unprofessional individuals from entering your home. Additionally, all home improvement businesses must show proof of insurance coverage to protect both their customers and themselves.

What to Avoid
Warning signs of a potential “scam” contractor include:
Individuals who solicit their business door-to-door
Will accept cash payments only
States that you should be the one to obtain building permits
Says that he happens to have “materials left over from another job”
Says he will give you a discount if you provide with another customer
Is overly aggressive and pressure you into making a quick decision
Wants to be paid the entire amount before beginning the job

With a licensed, established and reputable remodeling company like New York City’s MyHome, you will never have to worry about “missing” any of these warning signs.