Closet from Heaven: Examples of The Best Closet Types & an Over The Top Closet!

By Tiffany Smolick


Closet dreams! The best Closet Types!  Another week has gone by in this never-ending Winter that has taken up residence in our fair city, New York.  A regular guest of ours that initially brings beautiful snows, a cozy atmosphere decorated with feelings of holiday cheer.  The buildings and parks twinkle and glow as we enjoy our comfy fun sweaters, hats, gloves, capes and coats.

For this week’s posting, I would like to take the opportunity to show off some of the wonderful magical places that some folks have the pleasure of storing their sweaters, hats, gloves, capes and coats!

Please welcome this weeks instalment of renovation inspiration and dream material in the form of over the top closets.  Yes, closets that dazzle and could never disappoint.  Closets that, if you have the space, could be yours with just a few phone calls and a big chunk of change.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and take a look at what a few other fortunate folks have done to store and safe-keep their wardrobes.

1.  The Glam Closet


2.  Mirrored Budoir Closet


3.  Traditional Wood Walk-in Closet


4.  Chanel-inspired Luxury Closet


5.  Two-story Closet


6.  Rodeo Drive Walkthrough Closet


7.  Gentleman’s Closet


8.  Another Two-story Traditional Closet


These examples are only a small sample of what type of closets could be in your home!  All you need to do is pickup the phone and make it happen….if only.

Hopefully we have allowed you to daydream for a while on this cold February day, and perhaps, even inspired you to start thinking about your next renovation project.  We hope you will consider MyHome and allow us the opportunity to earn your business!

Contact us by filling out the questionnaire here, and we will be ready to get started!

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