Crazy Fun Bathroom Ideas We Could All Have!

By Danielle Miller

30 January 2015 2minutes

As we head into a long stretch of February Winter, I would like to add a little of crazy fun to your web browsing. Here are a few over-the-top bathroom ideas that show lots of character, whimsy, and a lot of fantasy. We hope you enjoy looking as much as we had finding them!


Fireplace bath, always a cozy room for relaxing


Circular bath, another cozy way to hideaway after a stressful day


Underwater grotto bath, all the crazy colors from beneath the surface of the sea


Mineshaft bath, keeping you occupied while “occupied”


Copper tubing bathroom, who doesn’t love crazy shiny stuff?


Moroccan bath, another place to while away the day in a far away fantasy land


Ski bath, for the crazy adventurous type always on the go!


Hollywood bathroom, lavish, art deco, bygone era


That’s it for this week’s showcase. Some crazy bathroom ideas that could belong to any of us with the right attitude and motivation.

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