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4 Stunning Floor Tile Patterns for Your NYC Home

By Tiffany Smolick


Tile is possibly the major design element of any project. It’s tricky to find a floor tile that will suit your home’s style. We put together four-floor tile patterns that have been popular over time and fit nicely with most renovations and NYC home remodeling.

white bathroom with hexagon and octagon flooring

Pattern #1: Hexagon & Octagon Tile Shapes

Hexagon and octagon tiles, which are typically white, are an incredibly popular option for floor tile design. These designs can be simple all-white designs, or they can include more complex pattern designs and colors. You can even have a creative mosaic pattern incorporated if it fits your overall design. At the moment, hexagon and octagon-styled tiles are having a huge influence on remodeling trends. 

Hexagon styles are becoming more popular. We are seeing even smaller mosaic-sized hexagon tiles along with larger octagon tiles that fit snugly in smaller spaces. For the most part, the natural shapes of hexagon and octagon tiles make their very own aesthetic, and depending on the material, color, and size, these styles can be further intensified.

white bathroom with blue elements

modern kitchen

modern bathroom with hexagon and octagon flooring   

Pattern #2: Herringbone & Chevron Tile Patterns

The new, chic style is herringbone and chevron floor tile layouts.  This style normally uses longer planks and adds depth and interest to your design. This trend may not last forever, but it sure does look pretty! Unlike hexagon and octagon styles which are very similar, herringbone and chevron styles are different. Chevron tiles are angled to make the center into a point and herringbone tiles are rectangular tiles that meet each other in a staggering zigzag pattern.

bathroom with herringbone & chevron tile patterns

bathroom with herringbone & chevron tile patterns

kitchen with herringbone & chevron tile patterns

Pattern #3: Square Tile Sizes

If hexagon or herringbone is not your style, you can still have a flair with a classically styled floor tile such as square tiles.  Square tiles usually fit most designs nicely and because they are really easy to work with and come in many hues and styles, square tiles are the most common choice for floor designs. 

They may be easy to work with, but they are definitely not boring! Though certain companies have non-standard size options, most tile companies have tiles that are specifically made for flooring in larger sizes from six inches and above.

bathroom with square tiles

bathroom with darker elements

white bathroom with darker elements   

Pattern #4: Mosaic Tile Sizes

Mosaic tiles are typically about 2” square, which is tiny for floor tiles. Mosaic tiles are frequently used as borders and accent walls in bathrooms or kitchens because this style can help define a space when used around larger contrasting tiles.

As their name suggests and because of their size, mosaic tiles can create intricate tile designs for floors but are most often arranged like those of standard tile sizes. The benefits of doing this are that they will create texture and interest, all the while maintaining a sense of flow to the design, particularly if the tile is also used to cover the walls in some fashion. The starting size for mosaic tiles is about 0.5”x 0.5” even though the most popular size is a 1” square and 1.5” square.

bathroom with mosaic tiles

bathroom with mosaic floor

bathroom with mosaic style

When picking tiles for your next renovation project, you can find a style that matches your home perfectly. Use these four types to inspire your next choice of tile.

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We hope you found this bit of information helpful, inspiring, and motivating toward making plans for your kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation. Contact us and get your apartment remodeled!