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By Tiffany Smolick


Manhattan Remodeling: Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

May 27, 2010

Nothing quite compares to life in the Big Apple. Greater economic opportunities alone draw people from all over the world to Manhattan, but it’s the city’s culture, restaurants, and vibrant art scene that compel them to stay. But unfortunately, living in New York City often means squeezing into a much-too small apartment. While it may not be possible for you to move to—or even find—a larger apartment, there are some things a contractor well-versed in Manhattan remodeling can do to make your apartment feel a bit more spacious.

Create More Storage Space
One of the biggest problems facing many Manhattan dwellers is the lack of storage space. If you find yourself cramming everything you own into every a tiny closet and still find you don’t have enough space, it may be time to consult a Manhattan contractor. A New York contractor will discuss ways you can remodel your Manhattan apartment to create more closets, storage space, or even shelving.

There are also several design techniques you can use to make your apartment seem larger. Consider talking to a Manhattan contractor about remodeling your apartment’s lighting system. Clever lighting design can open up your space, make it appear larger, and complement any innovative design elements—like an accent wall, or tiling.

Delineate your Space
Another problem, common in studio apartments, is a lack of delineation between common and sleeping areas. The good news is that a contractor can do some simple remodeling to separate these areas even in a small studio apartment. For example, you might consider a Manhattan remodeling project to install a half-wall between the sleeping and living area. A half-wall provides privacy for your “bedroom” without closing in the space and making the apartment feel smaller.

Regardless of what your goal is for your Manhattan remodeling project, MyHome’s knowledgeable architects and craftsmen can help you to enhance your Manhattan apartment. Contact one of our MyHome Remodeling Consultants today.